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A Guest Buffer - Really? (vent)

Ugh! It was already like trying to pull teeth trying to get the RSVP's that we did. Yes it sucked that out of the 115 people only 55 were able to come. However, with us getting married on a Thursday, we accepted that would be a possibility.

Well before our final deadline to turn in our final number to the venue back on 9/11 FI dad wanted to add a few people last minute since we had already paid up to 100 people. Begrudgingly we agreed since his dad did pay for about a 3rd of the wedding. He is in the Air Force Reserves and went to do his 2 weeks and never got back to us about these extra people. I went ahead and gave our venue the final number, minus the people he wanted to add.  His dad got back yesterday and we mentioned that we are having our final meeting with our venue today. He asked how much of a buffer we added. Really? A buffer? 

FI explained that we added a 2 person buffer for an Uncle (from his dad's side) that wasn't sure if he and his partner could make it (And we weren't happy about it). His dad said we needed to contact the venue and add at least a 10 person buffer for those people who "Just might show up." WHAT? Are you freaking serious? He can't actually expect TEN people to "JUST SHOW UP"  Last I checked this is a freaking wedding. Its not some backyard BBQ or a family reunion. We are paying for food to be caterered, and even though we are having buffet style dinner, we are still charged per person. 

He actually said "Well your uncle is staying with some friends and what if they ask to come? I can't be rude and tell them no" I wanted to scream and tell him yes he could because it was rude for them to ask in the 1st place. Then he started in on the fact that a lot of  his family didn't even get invited to keep cost down, so it was unfair that FI mom was able to invite 2 of her friends. And he thinks these people might not even be able to come. Ugh I was beyond livid. I told FI to take care of it, but he buckled and I got thrown under the bus as the bad guy. 

Good news though, is that we did talk to the DOC at the venue and explained the whole frustrating situation. She came up with a good solution.  We will keep our original number of 55 for the caterer and do seating for 65. The caterer always brings extra anyways, so if extra come after the 55 they will just charge us afterwards for every plate over. FI did finally stand up and tell his dad the solution and that if there were extras he would be responsible for paying for them. 

I am so ready for 10/11/12 to be here and be done. I should have just followed my grandma's voice and just eloped. *sigh* Vent over. 
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Re: A Guest Buffer - Really? (vent)

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    My FI suggested something like this in the beginning, but once he realized how much we are paying per head, he quicky changed his mind. Sorry you are having to deal with all of that. Hopefully it won't come up again.
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    God strike me down if I ever EVER try to shove more guests into the guest list when my kids get married. My future in laws are doing this, and I feel like i'm going to have a stroke whenever they want to approach the subject. They arn't even paying, ffs. How incredibly nasty and horrible do you want to be to your future daughter in law? More than 50 of the guest list is their relatives, but are they happy? Noooooooo. "by the way, I invited so and so friend of mine to the reception." AAAAAAAARG!
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