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Tried and true cures??

It happened...working with kids + lack of sleep + stress means I am getting a cold one week before my wedding!  And I always get the kind that makes my eyes water like crazy...not attractive.  Does anyone have advice on how to kick this cold's butt pronto??  I am willing to try anything even if it means standing on my head and chanting the alphabet backwards!  
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Re: Tried and true cures??

  • If you are just starting to get it, I've heard that Zicam works well.  Otherwise just rest and staying well hydrated
  • Zicam and Airborne twice a day and Emergency once a day. crazy amounts of liquids and rest. make the kids spend some energy running around the house ;)
  • Zicam for sure, it really works. And agree with the Emergen-C as well! One thing that I love is dead sea salts (the real kind from Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage, not the Bath and Body Works bath salts that are mostly just scented) in a really hot bath. That detoxifies you and clears your sinuses! Take a sea salt bath every night before bed and it will make a big difference.

    Hope you feel better really really soon! 
  • I'm right there with you. Day 2 into this cold and I'm finally feeling a bit better. I made a giant batch of chicken noodle soup, and between that and a lot of water and sleep, I think I've turned the corner. Also taking Exedrin Migraine is helping with the bad body aches and head pressure, plus it has caffeine so it's not knocking me out when I need to be up. If you take it, do so in the morning so it's not keeping you up when you should be sleeping.

    Best of luck to you and feel better soon!
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  • I usually chug orange juice like crazy when I get colds.  Make sure you stay hydrated and a hot shower or bath (steam!) usually helps me.
  • Blueberries are full of antioxidants. I make smoothies with frozen blueberries and that often helps!

    Feel better!
  • Rest as much as possible, hydrate as much as possible but avoid milk which increases mucous production. Also, take a lot of Vitamin C - it significantly shortens the duration of a cold. 
  • Great suggestions everyone, thanks! I am thankful that I have a week for it to subside.  
    Missing our September Sunflower
    BFP 12/23/12: EDD 9/01/13: MMC 1/31/13, baby stopped growing at 8w2d. D&C 2/01/13
  • One tip on the Zicam, if you get the rapid melts, DON'T take them on an empty stomach. It tells you right on the box and they mean it.  I was in a hurry one day and popped one in my mouth without any breakfast. Spent the worst 5 minutes of my life dry heaving into the toilet.
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