July 2012 Weddings

Finished invites and favors PIP

After wrestling with my printer for a while this weekend I have the invites nearly finished!  I only have the map from ceremony to reception left.

I also finished the favors a few weeks ago but didn't have pics to post. They are scatter perrenial flower seeds --you don't need to plant them and tend to them, just sprinkle them on the ground and they'll grow!  (I used these type of seeds a few years ago and like it!)  We are going to add a tag that says "Scatter these seeds and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and the groom.  Me & FI, July 28, 2012"

Keeping with our ecofriendly theme -our favors are repurposed baby food jars and seeds bought in bulk, and our invites are made of pressed flowers and recycled paper.

Re: Finished invites and favors PIP

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