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10/06/12 Wedding PIP!!

Well..it's all over and now I'm kinda sad that I don't have anymore wedding planning to do!!!

Wedding was amazing, despite the pouring rain and 54 degree weather! (cold front!) It actually stopped raining about an hour before the ceremony, so we were able to have our outdoor ceremony like we had planned! IT WAS SO FAST! It's true what they say!! Sit back, relax, and ENJOY IT! We had a blast and everyone said that it was the most fun they've ever had at a reception..so I couldn't ask for anything more.

We haven't gotten our photos back from our photographer, but here's a few my cousin shot :)

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Re: 10/06/12 Wedding PIP!!

  • Congratulations! You look lovely.  Did you really have a roast suckling pig at  your reception?
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  • VERY VERY VERY NICE!!!!!  Looks like it was perfect!!  Glad you had a great day!!!!  CONGRATS on getting through it....and looking so smashing!!!
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    [QUOTE]Congratulations! You look lovely.  Did you really have a roast suckling pig at  your reception?
    Posted by CFM102012[/QUOTE]

    We sure did! My family is Colombian and his family is Filipino..it's a tradition to have a lechon :)
    and it was gone before we even got to the reception lol
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  • Congrats! You look stunning!
  • Gorgeous!! Congratulations on your beautiful day!!
  • Wow, you looked stunning. Congrats!!! Everything looked like it was perfect. yay!!
  • Thank you!!!!

    Seriously--as cheesy as it sounds, getting married taught me the real meaning of love. I've never felt so much LOVE in my life! Love for my husband, my family, my friends..it's an indescribable feeling.

    Stop freaking out about planning the "perfect wedding" because in the end, it'll be perfect because of the people you LOVE and those who love YOU!!!
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  • Congrats! I love the car!
  • absoulutly lovely... so very happy for you
    you looked beautiful...
    and the pics are great...
  • Everything is beautiful!  Thanks for the advice too :)
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