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1st marriage counseling session

I really enjoyed it. FI did too. Our pastor started this class tonight so its not just intimate with him asking us questions or anything. We started watching this series of videos about Love and Respect. And I think it would be good for any couple to watch..not sure how the rest will be but if they're anything like tonight they're great! It talks about men need respect like they need air while women need love. If we don't show our spouses respect they negatively react and don't show us love and that starts a circle of no respect equals no love from the husband and no love equals no respect from the wife. It also talked about miscommunication and how we talk see and hear in pink and men in blue. Basically if we say we don't have anything to wear it means we don't have anything new. If they say it it means they don't have anything clean but its the exact same words. Just showing the differences in how we interpret and how that CAN cause the circle to start if we react.

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Re: 1st marriage counseling session

  • Sounds like a very positive experience! Ours is pretty personal, I have enjoyed it. I like the feeling of preparedness for myself and have really loved FI more as I have watched him make discoveries about himself :) I hope all your sessions are as reaffirming!
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  • Our Pastor is doing the same, except we have to read this book together and this workbook thing that comes with it called "Love And Respect" by Emerson Eggerichs, no videos for us though.  My first impression on it as I was reading is that its for marriages in trouble already, but have since learned that its there to help us in case of these situations.  Its definitely a positive experience in my opinion. 
    How many times do you have to meet with your Pastor?  We are meeting with ours on Wednesdays for an hour every two weeks up until the end of Sept.

  • We finished our sessions (we had 5).  I was really worried about FI wanting to go...its my church and FI had only met the pastor a few times.  Well, much to my surprise, FI said on our second session that he enjoyed going and really likes our pastor.  Whew!  Because I really, really like our pastor and would like us to be a little more involved with the church.
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  • We have enjoyed ours too! Have been to 2 sessions and have 3 more to go.  It is just us and our Pastor.  We were each given books and we read a section, answer questions and then discuss our answers with the pastor.  So far we have answered almost everything the same!    
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  • We finished our sessions too with a total of 6. They were great and it opened our eyes to so many things especially the way communication is taken so differently. We didnt have any reading material or videos it was all one on one with our pastor which was great!! I think it should be mandatory for ALL couples that want to get married!
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