This would be referring to the Revue, of course.

We did not spring for the front seats.  We sat in the balcony, right in the middle.  Honestly, it's not worth it for the more expensive seats.  You can see everything from every seat in the place, and since the actors are all over the place (including the balcony, where they proceeded to make fun-nice fun- of us being on our honeymoon LOL), it's not worth the extra money.

We had a BLAST.  The humor is that "kids think it's funny but adults get the real joke" type, and we were in stitches the entire time.  The food was really good- OMG, my mouth is watering for the cornbread, we literally had like 4 loaves between the two of us since it's all you can eat.  Alcohol is included- the sangria was really yummy.  We loved the fact that the wait staff got into it as well- it's all coordinated, and they sing and stuff too.  We asked our waitress if she really liked doing it and she said that she honestly loves coming to work, because it's fun.

Is it a tad cheesy?  Yes.  But we really had a great time- we were able to let our hair down and just enjoy.

FYI, leave EXTRA early for this.  You have to take a bus to a resort, then to Fort Wilderness, then a bus in Fort Wilderness to the Revue point.  Luckily, after the revue, they have buses that go to every resort, so you don't have to catch buses or do that type of thing.  Oh, and if you are doing the dining plan, this can go on it- it counts for two table meals.

Really, really jealous of you right now.


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    :) Good to know!  DH was sald when I figured out that alcohol was included.  I am actually surprised as well that I never did this as a kid...I have done the luau at the Polynesian (although I was too young to remember it now), eaten at Cinderella's Royal Table, but never Hoop Dee Doo. I think it has to do with my anti-camping parents never going near Fort Wilderness ;)
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