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October 2012 Weddings

First New year's as married couple

Anybody have anything special planned? I'm looking for ideas!
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Re: First New year's as married couple

  • Our hall is having a party.  It's a good deal and sounds like a fun time.  A few friends may go with us.  We're still deciding though.
  • No idea! We won't have the children, so we may do something with his friends - he has always said they do something big :)
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    We will be spending new years day having a birthday party for our puppy who is 1 :P (well not really party, I am making him a peanut butter apple cup cake, and it will just be DH and I)

    and afternoon we are spending with DH's family.

    As far as new years eve... I figured not much.. going to bed early probably... I am out cold by 8 pm lately... the latest I can stay awake is 10 pm if I force myself... DS will be with his father ...

    Dh and I might stay up and watch the ball drop (If I take a nap first)...and toast with grape juice to our first new years as a married couple :D
  • We always throw a New Year's Party for our friiends.  Same this year, just we're married.  :-)
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  • I couldn't even tell you what we are doing.  If DH's uncle has a party we will probably go there.
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  • We've never dome anything for New Years. I'm usually working and even if I'm not we never make it past 10pm.
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  • We've been invited to two parties... so one of them most likely!

  • DH is working an overnight shift on New Year's Eve : (
    He's an emergency medicine physician assistant...I'm sure he'll be taking care of all the drunks in the ER while I'm at home on the couch watching movies or something : /
  • We are hosting 3 other couples over to our house.  Since we have to board our pup twice in one week for Xmas and a wedding, we were hoping to stay home or close, so hosting is a perfect situation!  We will probably make some yummy dinner, drink a lot, play games!  Lots of fun!

  • We are hosting a game night!  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun.  I make a bunch of appetizers/small plate items and have everyone bring their favorite game to play.   It was a lot of fun last year and I am looking forward to hosting it in our house this year!
  • We usually throw a big party and this year we're planning the biggest yet to celebrate exactly that- first New Year's as a married couple! 

    We live downtown and you can see 3 fireworks displays from our roof so everyone loves coming to the party. Planning to have between 15-20 people this year. Can't wait! We love hosting.
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