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October 2012 Weddings

Parent albums...?

I have all my pro pics back and a bunch of coupons for free photobooks at Shutterfly, so the plan is to make a photobook for each set of parents. The only problem is, I don't know where to start! Including the family shots is obvious enough, but what else should go in there? How many pictures of things like the wedding party or the little details should I be adding? Those of you who are making your own albums, how did you go about choosing the photos for them?
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Re: Parent albums...?

  • I asked my mom to give me a list of must have pictures in the book... she gave me a list of 331!  So I went on my own.  It's about 50 pages on shutterfly and I tried to get essentials in there.  I have a page or two of

    Picture of ceremony site with a few pics of details
    Picture of reception site with a few pics of details
    Me getting ready, shoes, garter etc
    H getting ready - there's notmany
    Me and the girls and my family
    H and the guys and his family
    Pages of his kids with us
    Family pics I stuck with us and my family, his family all together and us and his kids
    4 pages of just us
    Intros at reception
    First dance
    Father-daughter dance
    Mother-son dance

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  • I plan to do the same thing.  our photographer started our album, so I figured I would probably have a lot of similar pictures to tell the story of the day, but just more of one family shoots than others.

  • I made mine on costco's website. Mine are 30 pages each. So I did a page or two of each of us getting ready, 6 pages of ceremony, 8 pages of photo locations and 12 pages of reception. Each of them are slightly different, geared to the family shots and different people at the reception.
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  • We let our parents pick out the pics for their books. In was in our photography contract that they each get 30 image parent books (each set of parents could pick their own 30 pics, the books didn't have to be the same). They submitted their choices to the photographer, so I don't even know what they picked until the books arrive.

    Can you ask them what pics they'd like to have in their books?  If not, I agree with Mana. DH and I had a similar list so that we could narrow down our 1300+ pics down to 80 for our book.
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