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Honoring relatives who have died

Is anyone including something in your ceremony/reception to honor relatives who have died?

I'm wondering who to include if we do honor them- people I was close to (grandmother, uncle, cousin) people I met (great-grandmother...but if I include her, do I also include her husband, my great-grandfather, who I never met?) or just not mention any names?

I don't have a ton of people, but my fiance has 4 grandparents, and a bunch of aunts and uncles who have died. Where do we draw the line?

Re: Honoring relatives who have died

  • We are just having our officiant have a moment of silence for those who can't be with us. She is only naming specifically our grandparents and one of our close friends. I also have attached a picture of my grandfather to my bouquet, so he will be there with me as I walk down the aisle.
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  • I'm doing balloon release at the end of the ceremony. I'm doing my cousin, aunt, grandparents, and his grandparents. I wouldn't go all the way back to someone you have never met. Just the ones who you were close to.
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  • We are honoring the grandparents, we only have one with us between the two of us, my grandmother. We are also haveing pictures of the grandparents from our parent's wedding, but that is sppose to be a surprise from my future in laws.
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  • We are having a vase with white flowers on the alter (one for each person) and a note in the program explaining its significance.
  • We're having a memorial prayer where the names of our family members will be read aloud. I'm also using my mom's veil as my bouquet wrap and tying her rings to it. 
  • We are have a memorial candle and a vase with white roses in it, one of each person. We put something in the program about it too, explaining it. 
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  • We aren't really doing anything outloud or visible to the naked eye. Fi has 3 of 4 grandparents and I only have one. I decided I wanted to honor of course my Dad, but then my grandparents and also my moms baby sister who died 11 years ago. So I'm doing it more for me than anything else and I'm using my bouquet to do so. My flowers are all pink except one Red Rose that signifies my Dad. It will be in the center. I've also got 4 light pink roses that signify my mom's parents and sister and my dad's dad. Around and in those they're mixing hot pink roses, alstromeria and stargazer lilies. So no one knows but me and anyone I've told what it means and that's my silent way of honoring my family.
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  • We are having two white roses on the altar in memory of loved ones no longer with us.  It won't be mentioned but they are specifically for FI's dad and my grandfather.  
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  • We have my dad and his mom mentioned on the back page of our program as well as a candle for each of them.  We chose to have the candles at the reception on a small table with a small pic of each instead of the church so everyone would be able to see them.
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  • We had hem mentioned in the prayers of the faithful ""For those members of Ken and Stephanie's families who can't be here or who have died" That way everyone could remember whoever they wished, without it feeling like a funeral.
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