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QOTD 12/7

Did you ever get coal in your stock for Christmas when you were a kid?
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Re: QOTD 12/7

  • I remember my grandmother giving us tins of candy 'coal' as a joke one year. Never any real coal, though!
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  • My grandfather gave me some one year as a joke. My parents had hidden all of our presents in the basement and there was just the coal in our stockings under the tree.
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  • Lol...no. I was a pretty good kid and never got into too much trouble.
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  • Wow I guess I am the only one whole has gotten real coal...and still do.   lol

    We always get coal in our stockings.  My parents just reuse the same pieces every year.  The one year, my father couldn't find them so he put rocks in our stockings.  He said that coal was expensive that year and Santa couldn't afford it.  My dad is a bit crazy.
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  • No, but we actually never gotten anything in our stockings.  My parents rised out of poverty and they couldn't afford much when my brother and I were younger.  By the time they were more financially stable, we were much older and only wanted money as a gift.  
  • my sister did!  that is ALL she wanted one year.  so my uncle got her a piece and polished it up so it wouldn't turn everything all black.  it became sort of a knick-knack.  we kept it on the shelf.  it was sort of like a piece of pop-art.

    obviously she got more than just the piece of coal, haha
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  • snuff & Cathy - Those are awesome stories!

    My parents do the candy coal, but we open our stockings after presents usually so it's not like it had any effect on us!
  • I got snowman poo one year with a note that said

    I hear that you've been naughty,
    So listen, here's the scoop...
    I'm running short on coal this year,
    So you get "Snowman Poop"
    Love, Santa

    It was (mini marshmallows in a bag) lol...the next gift I opened in my stocking was hot chocolate and then a mug... so it all worked out  lol
  • One time, H gave me diamond studs in a big gift box that was filled with coal.
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  • I never did, but H and his sister did. A few years ago FIL worked as an accountant for a coal company, so that year he actually brought them home some coal!
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