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Changing clothes

After the ceremony are you changing out of your gown? I'm trying to figure out what to do. My dress doesn't bustle and has a pretty good size train. I know it's last minute but it just came into my head. I was looking to find some sort of dress like a Sundress. What are you doing?
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Re: Changing clothes

  • I'm bustling my dress. 
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  • I'm bustling my dress as well. Only one chance to wear it.. I plan to wear it as long as possible.
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    I wasn't going to bustle the dress, because the train is pretty short...but its still there...so I had a local alterations place that could do it in a couple of days put a bustle on it....$20.00 and its a pearl button at the bottom of the train and a small loop at the base of the corset back...perfect...and now I dont have to worry about it....

    This is what made me decide to get the bustle last second.
    My MOH says, "well...I guess we could go all white trash with it and rig it up with some kind of clip back there...like a broach or something....if you dont want a bustle"
    OKAY....Bustle time...lol....
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  • Bustling my dress as well... although I'm still slightly concerned about falling while dancing. I'm such a klutz!

    Can you try to pin it up? It's certainly not ideal and I wouldn't want you to ruin your dress.  Otherwise I know Anne Taylor has simple wedding dresses that aren't too pricey. Maybe buy something less bulky to change into as a reception dress?  It'll still be white and bridal like. http://www.anntaylor.com/womens-wedding-dresses.shtml (I'm not sure what your budget is like and how formal your wedding is. I just think a sun dress could be too casual and not exactly season appropriate since we're getting into mid/late October.)
  • I think I've waited too long to try to figure this out. I've got 8 days til the wedding so no time to order and have it shipped. My dress does have a loop where the train hooks on the hanger. I might end up putting that around my wrist holding it up. We're not dancing or anything. Just ceremony, reception and pics then leaving. So I can't really see spending any more money to put a bustle in. I've read a lot of bustled break as well.
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  • I bustled my dress, but around 11:00 I changed into a cocktail dress for the end of the reception.  I had brought it just incase and was just too hot and tired of being in a huge dress all day.  It was nice to be cooler and more comfortable for the last hour, the trip home and the afterparty.
  • I'm bustling my dress.  I will be wearing that baby as long as I can! 
  • My dress has zero train, so I'm good.

    OP: is you aren't dancing you might be okay to just hold your train while walking or whatever.  If you are worried about getting it dirty, it can always be dry cleaned:)
  • I'm not changing! I'm bustling my dress.
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  • I'm bustling.

    Why spend all that time and energy on a beautiful bridal gown and wear it for ten minutes? You're only a bride once. You can wear a cute sun dress any day of the year.
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    [QUOTE]I'm bustling. Why spend all that time and energy on a beautiful bridal gown and wear it for ten minutes? You're only a bride once. You can wear a cute sun dress any day of the year.
    Posted by jlk13[/QUOTE]

    This! But hey... to each their own. If that's what you'd like to do- go for it! I on the other hand will be wearing my dress until the night ends!
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