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QOTD 12/6

What was your first job?
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Re: QOTD 12/6

  • i was a cashier at Shoprite
  • Besides babysitting, Camp Counselor for the After Care at the YMCA.  So I only worked 3-6 lol
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  • Other than babysitting, I was a receptionist at my church the summer after I graduated from high school. It pretty much just meant answering the door and forwarding calls, but it was pretty quiet. One week there was a funeral of a kind of big murder going on though and I had to field press calls, and that was "exciting" at the time.
  • I still work at my first job doing in home care through a family. I left for a while, but they begged me to come back. 

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  • I taught dance classes at a local studio.  I was so much fun.  I didn't get paid for it, but I got free classes which at the time was just as good.
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  • I worked the phones and cash at a pizzareia...
    for 4.25$ an hour (under the table) STUPID crazy hours... 11 am till 3 am somedays
    and had to put up with Sexual Harrasment... all so I could make some money to give to my abusive x bfnd... OH JOY lmao

    I was 17...
    Left that job for a superb carrer in telemarketing selling business directories, then moved on to Interact Paper sales :P (did that for a good 7 years)

    Finally opened my own home based CAKE business... that I enjoy!... Was working recently at Tim Hortons but got laid off last week... (which is fine) back to cakes :D YAY
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    I worked at my neighbor's pizzeria answering the phones, working the counter and waitressing (this was back in 1998-1999).  I got laid off in 2009 from a job in financial services and he had just opened up a new pizzeria restaurant in another part of town and I worked there waitressing until I started working at my current job almost 3 years.  He likes to tell me that I "came full circle".
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  • I worked at a lawyers office when I was 16...I made photocopies, filed stuff, and answered the phones. 
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  • I was a dishwasher at a nearby cafe. I was in 9th grade, and my best friend had been there as a cook. I was dreaming about how hard I worked, and how I would impress them - and they would let me wait tables (cuz that's where the BIG money is, right? lol) and was fired after three days Surprised

    After work on Saturday night, my friend the cook and the OTHER cook - whom also attended our small high school were in a fight. Not at the cafe, at a neighboring gas station. I wasn't there, I didn't learn of the fight until school on Monday. However, in spite of my straight A goody-two-shoe self - they said they didn't want troublemakers there, and fired all of us! Frown

    I spent seven years teaching juveniles in a life skill class, and always used that as an example to choose your friends wisely!
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  • I worked as a hostess at a tex-mex restaurant.  I ended up quitting because the older male wait staff and the manager thought it was ok to watch porn after we closed one night while I was still there.  It was very awkward and inappropriate - I was 15 and the only female there.  My dad was livid.

    After that, I worked at a few more restaurants and a realtors office answering phones.
  • I taught tennis to little kids during the summer at the park district.  Basically I showed them how to hold the racquet, and then tossed balls for them to try to hit over the net.  

  • Other than baby sitting, my first job was as a cashier at McDonalds.
  • Golf instructor for young kids through parks & rec when I was 14.

  • cashier at McDonald's for about 3 weeks.  I quit when I got a job bussing tables at my favorite Italian family owned resturant.  I worked there a year.  I was 17 when I started.  about 2 months after I started bussing tables, I took a second job working at an Arthur Treacher's (like Long John Silver's...but better, ha!) and that is where I met H.
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  • Other than the farm I grew up on, I worked at Michaels.
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  • Babysitting from 12-15, busing tables for $4.00 (under the table) from 14-15, 15-17 worked in a card store with the nicest owners in the world, 17-18 worked in an amazing local bakery, 18-19 waitress at Friendly's... and many jobs after that! lol
  • I was 17 when I got my first job (I babysat occasionally prior) at Walgreens as a cashier. 
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  • I began babysitting when I was about 12 or 13, but my favorite actual legit job was a cashier at a local supermarket when I was 15. 

    I had wanted to work there for as long as I could remember.  There was a wait list to work there, but I'm not sure why.  It paid minimum wage, the owners didn't understand job responsibilities and made the cashiers do pretty much everything, and they didn't honor the hours we could be at work or requested days off.

    I didn't get off the bus from school until 3:45 but they used to schedule me at 3:00 although I explained it every time I went to work and they yelled at me.  I was on the track team and would request certain days off for practice, made it my "not available" days, but they would schedule me and I would have to miss practice.

    The final straw was I was working one night and the owner came over and asked me to pay him for something (he had a receipt).  As I was punching it into the register, a roach crawled down the conveyor belt.  He killed the roach with the receipt and then handed it to me.  I told him I would not touch it and walk away.  I got a job at the local ice skating rink like 3 weeks later and quit.
  • I was a summer camp counselor at the Girl Scout camp I went to when I was a kid. Getting paid to be goofy with small children all day...best job EVER!
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  • I worked at Waffle House and stupidly stayed for 8 years!


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