Reccomendations for DJ/BAND in Philly area??

Can anyone recoommend a great DJ/Band in the Philly area...already have checked out EBE Talent, Brandywine Talent for bands but looking for something a little more independantly owned. Those are two bigger 'entertainment' companies and are freaking my parents out (too flashy), they are all about the local flavor. If it were up to me, the flashier the better, but they are helping us out, so I want to find some middle ground.

Let me know! I also looked today, into Vibe Tribe and Don Eaton Band.

In terms of DJs, I'd love a good recco!

Let me know, thanks!!!

Re: Reccomendations for DJ/BAND in Philly area??

  • We've got Don Eaton!  He is amazing to work with, and I've seen them in action a couple of times.  I can also say from the back end (catering weddings), his run sheet is great for the flow of the night.

    How about Urban Guerrilla Orchestra?  Did you look into them?    or Carnivale Band?

    We also looked into the Rich Posmontier Ensemble.  Well put together but a little too low key for us.

    If we had gone the DJ route, we would have gone with No Macarena DJs.

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  • We used Chico's Vibe, a local band from Havertown, and LOVED them. 
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  • We're using Next Generation DiscJockeys
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  • We used Center Stage Entertainment. They are family-owned and were really easy to work with. Our DJ, Brandon, was fantastic. They have bands as well, but I don't know much about them. 
  • I'm using RunAwayWithUs, they do all our family weddings ask for Mike.
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