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My team just threw me a surprise shower!

I knew they were up to something - they told me last month to mark my calendar to be here on 9/26. Today my Director started hunting me down at 10:45. My whole team joined with a select few from our facility and hosted an amazing array of appetizers and cupcakes and balloons and gifts! We have some beautiful glassware, and lots of muffin tins LOL They even managed to get my FI's number and he was here! It never occurred to me to be embarrassed, he walked in to the conference room and kissed me Kiss What a gift :) What an incredible day! I love this group, they are the best (they said if I ever leave, they will all quit!)

Now, however, I am completely stuffed. I need a nap and I haven't even touched the cupcakes yet.

I need to write all those thank you's - and I need to do something special for my team as a whole. I need to save up and throw a pizza party or something fun for them
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Re: My team just threw me a surprise shower!

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    How Cool is that!!!!!  VERY COOL!!!  And FI was able to be there!!!!  Everything works out like its supposed to...im convinced!!!!  Good stuff...CONGRATS....sometimes its the people you least expect that come thru...
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    How nice!
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    that is super sweet of them.
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    so nice !  showers are common in my workplace so i'm hoping i will get one even though i';ve only been here since march. 
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    That's awesome!

    My team actually surprised me on Monday with a shower, too. They pitched in and got us the large Samosonite suitcase we wanted, as well as a couple of nice picture frames. It was totally generous and I was shocked - definitely came into the conference room expecting a long boring meeting! :)
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    That's so nice of them. My team did that for me today too - and I was totally surprised! They gave us a generous gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants.
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
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