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I am trying to figure out if I want to do french, which I have always loved and feel it's timeless or if I should do a nude, which is pretty and popular right now.  I saw this on pinterest and I really like it, but I'm worried it will look weird in pictures 20 years from now.  What do you think and what are you doing/what did you do?


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  • I personally LOVE those nails! but, I don't know if when I'm 45 years old I will love those nails. also, consider that fact that 95% of your pictures will not be close-ups of your nails.Overall, I like it and if you're a little more fun than traditional-go for it! it's not like they are bright red or something. That could be cool too but not if you're going for bused/traditional.
  • I'm doing french, but I always sport a french manicure so it would be odd for me to go with something else. 

    I like the colour of those nails, but I'm not loving the sparkle. 
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    I'll probably do a French manicure because it's classic. The sparkles, while they look cool, are a bit too juvenile for me. I know I wouldn't want to look back on pictures in 40 years and see those nails. But, they're your nails; do what you want!
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    I do nails for a living. I can't tell you how many times people do french. But it is becoming less popular within the past 2 years. Just like playing here comes the bride and not seeing each other before the wedding. So many people are branching out toward new things these days and it's good to branch out. I say go for these awesome nails in the picture. They are still classy yet not the same old thing everyone else will be doing! And if the sparkle is too much on every nail then just do 1 nail on each hand. I am personally going to have tips and have I do on my ring finger. Just a special touch added to it.
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  • I am doing a shimery semi-soft pink shellac, with a blue heart painted on my left ring finger :)
  • Okay, so I accidentally voted for nude, but I'm doing french!! I tried a nude at-home polish for my bridal portraits, and I decided I hated it (on me) and ended up taking it off and putting on clear for the pics. I just love the classic french. But I get gel nail polish, so it lasts a month and you can't tell. 
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  • I went for a soft pink. I actually don't like the look of french because they look fake, but thats just me. I LOVE the nails in the picture if you decide to go with them!

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  • I voted french...but I LOVE the nails you have above. I would do those, and if not...I would go french. I was thinking about what I could do that is different too. Everyone does french...boring. My toes/nails are my signature...I always have some type of design on them or just different. I have leopard print now, and zebra is another one of my favorites. I think I might consider doing your picture myself.

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  • I am going with a bold red but then I have a vintage 1940's wedding and red was the color back then lol.

    I do like the glitter on just the bottom half of your nails though. it gives it just a hint of sparkle without being completely in your face like if the whole nail was glitter.
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