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Coming out of the dark hole

I got kind of depressed this week.  I was just completely overwhelmed and was getting so mad at our venue coordinator that I had to hand it off to FI.  It was kind of sad for me not to finish it out, but I was in tears every day because of it.  I am a planner, so for the last 9 months I was trying to be proactive with asking questions and getting everything figured out, but then in the last week she starting implementing a lot of rules and extra requirements.  The extra things would have been fine, if it wasn't more work 9 days before the wedding.  Examples: 1) can't bring a bottle of champagne in to drink, but we can buy $9 glasses at the bar while we get ready (more $), 2) Need a complete list of people, meals and names of guests at each table 9 days out (more work), 3) cocktail tables would need extra linens rented for them (more $), 4) we wouldn't be able to take pictures before the ceremony other than around the clubhouse, etc.  They may seem like small things, but it just became a lot very last minute.  Then I had issues with my seamstress and still don't have my dress.  Still don't know if my last BM is coming, which if she doesn't, now my other BMs have to drive an hr to the salon because the hairdresser won't travel to the hotel for only 2 of them.  All of this was on top of a terrible week at work.

Anyway, I've come out of my dark hole and know that things will work themselves out.  I'm so excited for next weekend and just want it to be here!!


Re: Coming out of the dark hole

  • I had this feeling early this week...but have really come out of it....I think exhaustion and stress just really got to me...but I'm feeling better too!  Glad you came out of it...shall we say...moving on!!!!
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  • I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. Make sure your vendor review reflects all the trouble they've put you through. Good for your FI for taking over to reduce your stress

    And now, to cheer you up, here are some pics of my kitteh Odin when he was a baby

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  • I'm glad things are looking up! I only wish I could put more into the hands of FI, he's so "you take care of it, I'll just show up". I bet this week will fly by!
  • Feel better, hun! It's all very overwhelming. You've done a fabulous job and now the crunch happens. Ask your FI for a good back or foot rub and close your eyes and listen to a little bit of nice music. Oh and wine, lots of wine. ;)
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