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Bridesmaids Gifts

I'm wondering if what I am getting them is enough.  Opinions please :)

All girls are getting a name hanger, a pair of earrings, a hair accessory and I'm paying for their hair and makeup for the day of the wedding.  I know it's not good to just get them items that are related to the wedding, so I am also giving them a handmade box for them to store jewelry or whatever else they want (pic below of one).  The boxes are made to fit their individual interests and personalities.

Should I get them anything else?  Also, my matron of honor has done much more than anyone else and I feel like I should get her something extra.  Would that be ok?  If so, should I give it to her privately?


Re: Bridesmaids Gifts

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    I think that's plenty! That's way more than I'm doing.
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    I agree; it's plenty! Love the boxes. They're lucky girls! If you feel your MOH deserves a little something more, go for it. One of my MOH's just got married and they handed the presents out at the same time, so I didn't pay a lick of attention to what the other girls got. I guess it depends on if they all know each other and are saying "ooooh, what'd you get?" We were all sitting separately and none of us really knew each other. I'm pretty sure we got the same thing, though.
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    This is more than I'm planning, so I think you're just fine!
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