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Bachelorette party in the city

Hi girls. I was a June 2009 knottie and now I am MOH for my best friend's wedding. I need help planning her bachelorette party. She wants to do a night in the city. We were thinking meeting at a hotel, grabbing dinner and then going bar hopping. I never go out in the city so I need your help with places. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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Re: Bachelorette party in the city

  • how old are most of the girls? old city is usually where people go to for bars, but honestly, if you're over 25, it's not really a great scene... or if you want to hang out with frat guys.

    it's kind of hard to give options without knowing more info... what kind of food are you looking for? what kind of bars? karaoke, dancing, pubs??
  • Which hotel or have you not picked one yet? I'm going to agree with the above post-- Old City isn't my favorite but it is the most popular "bar hopping" area.. But if you DO wind up bar hopping in Old City, the Kyber Pass Pub has good food (and good beer) and Sugar Mom's is definitely the best bar in Old City. It's underground, and I've always had fun there.

    We did my stepsister's Bach. party around the South Street area. We had dinner at a nice restaurant near 3rd & South (name escapes me) and then wound up at Paddy Whack's Pub... and then I forget.  I know we went elsewhere after.. maybe Copacabana? Also, South Street is good for people watching-- though, in this case, you guys may or may not be the people to watch! We had a blast.

    Good luck!
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