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Wedding music help?

Hi all, 

My fiance and I keep bickering over how long of a music list to give our DJ. How many songs are you all providing your DJs? Aside from the ceremony music and processional, first dance song, f/d dance songs etc- I want to give him a pretty long list of music so he has a good idea of the music we like. How long are the lists you all are making? Thanks!

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Re: Wedding music help?

  • That's a good question. We haven't figured this out yet, either. I'd be interested to see what others are doing. Between FI and I, we like a pretty diverse amount of music. It's going to be crazy trying to work that all out cohesively.
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  • We have a band but we gave them two must plays and about 10 do not plays. They should know what to play to keep everyone on the dancefloor.
  • I figure they should know what would keep everyone dancing. We are mainly going to be working on our do not play list and trusting the DJ for the rest.

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  • This would be something to talk to the DJ about. When I was looking at DJ's a lot of them had sheets that you filled out with music preferences. I would think it would be very important to tell your DJ what style of music you like - rather than just letting him wing it. Maybe a good idea would be to sit down with your FI and list a whole bunch of songs that you like. I wouldn't set a limit, you know, just list songs. You might also ask the bridal party for suggestions on what songs/music they would like to hear. 

    You would also want to tell your DJ what music you want to play during the seated dinner (if you are having one) - as that is a different mood from dancing.
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  • We are going with the ipod and we figured we have about 2 hours of dancing time with about 20-25 songs per hour depending on length so my list will have about 60 songs on it. We are breaking up the dancing with cake cutting so I have all the "oldies" type music in the first half and whatever we don't get to oh well and then the more modern stuff on the back end. I know what the last song will be so when it is time we can just skip to that. However I am front loading my favorites so if we don't get to everything I know I have played what I want!
  • FI and I have made it clear what style of music we like and what we do not like. We're giving him a short list of must plays and do not plays, and then I think theDJ can take it from there. I think if you gave your DJ a complete playlist for the wedding, you are not letting them do their job.
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  • Well my Fi owns his own dj company,so all the music in my wedding will be custom from our own music  choices. (He will not dj it,but his employee will). But I know he tells me  that he actually likes when a bride gives him a long list, he is able to get a clear idea of what type of music to play and not play. But I do know that he personally will go off the list given, but if he sees that the crowd is not pleased,he generally will throw some of his choices in to it just to get the crowd moving.And than of course,besides your own play list,you will have random guests who will come up  and  make requests...attended a wedding last month w him where the brides step daughter just wanted Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber all night long,so even after the brides long playlist, only those two singers were heard all night and over and over!!
  • We gave a small list. The first dance, a few specifics for like cake cutting, our entrance...things like that. I had a few songs I knew I wanted played.  Other than that i told him what age group would be attending and to throw in a little spanish music (bachata & raggaeton), FI is Puerto Rican.

    I must add, FI and I are not very picky people, as long as he could get people out on the dance floor and have a good time, that's all we really wanted.
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  • I gave my DJ a  spreadsheet witha little over 200 songs. Our music choice (well, mine) is pretty exotic and I wanted to be very thorough. I'm aware that not all that music will be played during the ceremony but since we're basically all going to be there setting up and stuff all day, we may just as well have a GREAT playlist right? Lol
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