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Bouquet Handle

I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my bouquet handle.  I probably wouldn't care too much, but I am planning on having my bouquet freeze dried and framed after the wedding.

So far, I really like both of these.  Opinions?

Handle 1


And just out of curiosity, what are you ladies doing?


Re: Bouquet Handle

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    I picked 2.  Handle 1 looks like it would be more difficult to carry because you have less stem to hold onto without being poked.  Plus it's more understated. I think I would like 1 better without the giant bling cross or without the wrap around the top - too much going on for me!
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    I really love the second one.
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    I'm totally lame- I went with silk pre-made bouquets from Michaels to keep costs down and wrapped the handles in black satin ribbon.  My toss bouquet is the same way.

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    I made my own... so they should keep fine...

    I like 2... more to hold but I like the look of 1 LOL
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    I like the second option more. I'm just going to have the florist wrap it in black ribbon and then I'll wrap some ivory lace ribbon overtop.
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    Well since mine isn't going to be a handtied bouquet like I would prefer...I'm just holding the holder. The flower shop said the holder she's using keeps them in water...so I'm really not sure what its going to look like. Its not one of those plastic ones from the 80s with the lace or anything its like a vessel..
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    Mine is wrapped in white ribbon with blue organza ribbon at the top and 3 blue crystals going down.  Exactly like the pic in my siggy.
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    Mine's wrapped in dark red satin ribbon with a sprial of gold ribbon and I used pearl-headed pins to hold it all in place so there's a line of those. Mine's a brooch bouquet though.

    As for the original question, I'm going to be a rebel because I like #1 better.
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    both are beautiful. it all depends on your dress and accessories. #1 may be too bling-y if your dress or accessories are on the bold side with beading/crystals etc.
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