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So...I was lurking on the September 2012 brides board...because Obviously I'm getting nothing done at work today... all the brides talking aobut Groomsman Gifts and how they can't get their FI to make a decision on what to get and to actually go out and get them...

I personally am in the boat of this:  Everythin I have suggested - FI shoots down, but he has no idea what to get them.  Where are you and what do you have?
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Re: GM Gifts

  • We did coolers with a 6 pack of Bruvado (5 bottles of beer and a bottle of tequila with shot glasses), personalized beer glasses from TK Shop and Vineyard Vines ties for the wedding ceremony.

    It took me a while to get FI to make a decision, but I pushed him to get it done.  I just picked up the coolers this afternoon.
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    [QUOTE]We did coolers with a 6 pack of Bruvado (5 bottles of beer and a bottle of tequila with shot glasses), personalized beer glasses from TK Shop and Vineyard Vines ties for the wedding ceremony. It took me a while to get FI to make a decision, but I pushed him to get it done.  I just picked up the coolers this afternoon.
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    </div><div>That's a great idea!  I am not dealing with groomsmen gifts at all.  FI will get them.  Although he doesn't do things as quickly as I would like, I know he will get it done so I'm keeping that item off of my plate!  I like seeing others' ideas to share with FI because he isn't sure what he is going to get.</div>
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  • http://www.exclusivelyweddings.com/Weddings/Wedding-Party-Gifts/Groomsmen-Gifts/Flasks-Mugs-and-Barware-Groomsmen-Gift/Sit-n-Sip-Cooler

    We got these - no initials.  All our gms are fishers  and drinkers... seemed prefect.  i did show FI he seemed indifferent.  We walked around the mall all day and came home, he said to just order those.

    I will say, I ordered them a few weeks ago, and only one came in.  I called them and they got 2 more sent the next day.  I expected trouble but they were really nice.  I asked if it would be here in 2 weeks, and they said they saw my wedding date so they would be rushed to help ease my mind.
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  • FI got his guys pocket watches with their initials engraved on the cover.
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    FI got them leathermans that are engraved. One doesn't drink so alcohol related gifts were out, made it a bit harder. But 95 percent of guys could use a nice leatherman!
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  • FI got his BM a beautiful pocketwatch because he knows he loves them, he got one GM an engaved pocketknife, 2 custom flasks, and one custom cufflinks. Each make perfect sense for who they go to. If it helps, we also got the RB a tie tack with his initial (and a car or something) and our officiant (great friend) a tie tack too cause he has to wear ties all the time now.
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  • So glad to know that other FIs are doing the same thing.  I gave mine a fair warning this week that if he hasn't made up his mind and placed an order by Sat. evening that I am going to be a very unhappy wife to be.  :-)
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  • FI went very personal with his gifts (but we only have 2 GM so it was easy and we were able to spend more per person too) For his BM he got him a beer stein in the shape of a boot -- I personally find this very cheesy, but he swears his BM will love it -- Then for his 2nd GM he got 2 issues of Marvel The Extraordinary X-Men. The ones that include the first gay proposal and first gay marriage in comic books. His GM is a total nerd and loves comics and will be marrying his partner of 5 years in March.

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  • I'm also trying not to micromanage FI with his gifts (all TWO of them that he is responsible for).  For his BM he said something about getting him a bottle of something with a personalized label.  He has seem me get a bunch of things personalized for the wedding and the amount of lead time it takes, so hopefully he is keeping this in mind for his BM's gift.  I'm just going to stay out of it. 

    BM hasn't officially planned the bachelor party yet, so I'm not a fan of his right now anyways.
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    ETA duplicate!

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  • We also decided on leathermens !
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  • I'm pestering FI but we're both having trouble coming up with ideas that don't cost a fortune. I did the Vistaprint goodies/jewelry/emergency kit route for my BMs because our budget's really tight (yay Groupon!), but we aren't sure what to do for the GMs. We ordered personalized engraved pens for all of them on our last VP order, but we don't know what else to do.
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  • Fi is taking care of this task but knows he wants to get them flasks. I told him that was fine but he couldn't get the ushers a flask as they are high schoolers and not old enough. So I'm not sure what he's planning there...I suggested a nice pocket knife. He plans to get his RB a water gun lol.
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  • FI got his guys either a mug or a nice glass of something that they like. Like he got his BM a Nicks set, another one a Giants set and the third a mug from the Green Dragon Inn from LOTR.  He then got them all a container of Black Magic k cups and personalized travel coffee mugs from Ink Garden.com which does a lot of personalized things.
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  • Not very sentimental or anything but we got one a gift card to Amazon and the other gift card to Starbucks. We figured this would make them happier then anything else we could think of!
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  • Fi picked out grilling accessories for his guys.
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  • FI got his BM a signed baseball from his favorite player on the current roster, one of his GM he got a signed something sports like (I can't remember) and for his other GM we are actually paying for his hotel room as his GM and birtday present (we're getting married about a week after his birthday).  He bought a Jake and the Neverland Pirates toy for his nephew, one of the RB, and we got my nephew, other RB, a customized Cars book.

    We really did treat it as if we were buying birthday presents for our party and are now looking for thank you cards to match personalities.  We'll see if that ends up happening though.
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