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Jack/Jill Party = Raunch Fest...lol...you?

I thought this would be fun...especially after reading the TMI QOTD post.
We are having our bach/bachett (jack & jill) party tonight.  5-6 couples...and one of my best friends (who works in the same office as me) gave  me a sneak peak of some questions in a game were doing...and I found out we are having a ring around the d*ck game...which includes some sort of d*ck on a headband and rings to throw and try to ring it...lol....
I didn't want to see the questions...but I'm almost embarrased at the questions I did see....talk about a blushing moment...lol....just curious for those who have had one or are still waiting to have one....what is or will your party be like....DISH for me!!!
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Re: Jack/Jill Party = Raunch Fest...lol...you?

  • We had individual parties - FI ended up at a strip club with his guys. We just went out to dinner and bar hopping.
  • Mine is tomorrow.  dinner and bar hopping.  pretty clean.  FI did a "slumber party" at the best man's house and golf the next day.  then they got wings and watched the a football game.  even cleaner. 
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  • i told my sister (who is throwig mine) absolutely NO d*icks anywhere.  no penis shaped cakes, straws, beads, nothing.  i'm a prude and that is NOT me at all. 
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  • for my bachelroette party my girls surprised me with a sleepver at a swanky resort.  we watched girly movies, ate snacks and stayed up late.  the next day i got treated to a spa day at the resort!  my MOH is also my FSIL and she knows I'm also a prude...so nothing sexual at all!

    my fiance's bach party is next weekend but it's all a surprise for him.  the guys know "no strippers" so I'm not toooo concerned....okay, i am!  but one of the guys has similar morals and beliefs as we do so i'm trusting it will be a good, clean weekend.
  • My Bachelorette part is tonight. My sister (Matron of Honor) set it all up. She asked me inside or outside of my comfort zone, haha, so I said outside since I will do things inside my comfort zone all the time. It's all a surprise. I have NO idea what we will be doing, but it should be fun. Definitely clean. My sister and I aren't really the raunchy type. :-)
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  • I voted for J/J clean fun, since we didn't really do B/B parties.  All of our BM/GM are out of town, with the exception of one of my bridesmaids.  When everyone gets into town the Thursday before the wedding, we're all going out to one of our favorite restaurants and then out for drinks.

    I'm really looking forward to it!

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  • well...whats funny is we are not the raunchy type at all either....but this is all in good humor and fun...maybe a little blushing...but we thought...what better excuse to get out of our comfort zone for a few hours and have some fun!!!  Thats just our approach to it all...we will never do this again...so why not... :)
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  • I'm going out with my FSIL a BM and one of my friends. We're just going to Bennihanna for dinner and then to Dave & Busters for games. I fully trust my FSIL to try to get me drunk but I'm certain that it will otherwise be clean.
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  • I went to Napa over labor day weekend with my two best friends (we live in three different states so doing anything would have involved travel) and then had a Sex and the City night for all my local girlfriends. I was really lucky to have two bachelorette parties! Both were really great, clean fun though. 

    FI went on a fly fishing trip with his dad and cousin and then did the Vegas thing with a group of guys. Lots of cigar smoking, Craps playing and betting on sports games. 

    Fun things all around!
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    We are doing ours on the same night, next Saturday.  Doing seperate events during the day, sharing a party bus, going to seperate locations, and then coming together for a joint afterbar.  I think the girls are getting me a stripper, which is awesome!  But it would be during the day while the guys are at paintball.  I'm getting a lot of dollar bills just incase!

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  • We just went to dinner and did some bar hopping.  There was some penis-shaped candy given out as favors, but that was the extent of the dirtiness.  Well that and the lingerie gifts.  No public penis displays though.  
  • FI and I had a strict no strippers rule.
    He went to Vegas with his friends and I know it was pretty calm surprisingly.

    My girls took me out to brunch and then rented a house on Fire Island for an overnight. We drank... a lot... penis hats, whistles and straws included, we played silly and dirty games, and then went to a local bar there were we made quite the scene- penis hats and crowns came with us.

    It was a bit raunchy but still just a pretty innocent girls trip and I loved every second of it! :-)

    Have fun tonight!
  • HAHA FI went paintballing and dinner with the guys. I was the naughty one, we toook a party bus down to this road that has a bunch of clubs/bars and went bar hopping...I ended up doing a body shot off a guy, danced with a ton of different guys, did some shot from a girls boobs, and licked some type of shot from a guys arm...it was a crazy night to say the least. I figured the guys would have been at the strip club after paintball but some of the guys didnt want to go. haha
  • Seperate and clean.  His bacholor party was an all day RPG at one of our church elder's home.  My bridal shower was an all lady affair at the church.  Nothing dirty, either way.
  • Oh, we thought about doing the Jack and Jill party...but I always have more fun with just the girls. If we did do the J&J, we would have ended up at a strip club for sure. I love going to them with a huge group of people and FI. Which I would have been fine with but guys wanted to paintball...weirdos went to paintball over a strip club. haha
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