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I'm usually just a lurker on here, but I'm curious if anyone else has been getting super emotional lately?! It seems like wedding stuff (the thought of walking down the aisle with my dad, our first dance, things not going exactly as planned) has turned me into a hot mess!! FI must think I'm nuts!!

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  • I'm right with you. I've got 18 days left with so much left to do. I'm super emotional and trying to get everything done.
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  • God, yes. I got choked up just walking to my car today.
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  • Haha, I was coming on to post about this exact thing. The closer we get the more emotional I become. I was writing a check at the grocery this afternoon and just writing 10/2/12 had me chocking back tears. I don't think the cashier saw or she would have thought I was nuts. Time to pop in a good tear jerker movie so I can get it all out.
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  • I'm actually having the exact opposite problem.  When I get stressed out, I emotionally shut down, which freaks people out.  They want the excited, glowing, happy bride.  What they get is a remote lady with laser businesslike focus on getting things done.  I would like to please them, their feelings are important to me, but I don't believe this is the right time to try to experiment with my behavior patterns and emotional availability.
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  • pmsing doesnt help either!! its the worst!!
  • Oh god yes. I've been swinging between being on the edge of tears and wanting to rip everyone's head off.
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  • On top of wedding emotions, I've got Trying-To-Conceive emotions running high!  If one more person gets knocked up before I do, I may scream.

    Let me amend that.  If one more person gets knocked up On Accident or WIthout Even Trying before I do (FI and I have been trying for almost a year.) I am going to snap.

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  • Oh yes. I'm always breaking down and crying. I think that is better than storming around screaming...haha. 
  • I'm all emotional because I'm sleeping poorly. So I just get fed up and cry. :D
  • Oh yes! The stress and excitement are wreaking havoc on my. I have no idea how I am functioning anymore! Only a few more days!

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  • OMG so happy I'm not alone!!  I get teary eyed over everything lately.  Just the though of walking down the aisle or dancing with my dad makes me emotional. 
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  • I've been a mess today..it's just been one of those days. Everything is making me cry these days, but I'm still super happy, go figure. lol
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  • I am right there with ya'll my anxiety level is through the roof! every little thing makes me emotional. Planning for 2 long life changing years, and it's finally in 4 days. It's very surreal. When patients at work ask oh when are you getting married and I respond this weekend - I immediately can no longer focus on my job! oops!
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  • I tend to lean more toward rage, sadly. FI mostly just does what I say without question for fear of the consequences, lol. I went off on my best friend/DOC earlier over something stupid and had to apologize big time. Embarassed

    I'm also not sleeping or eating right. I went a full day with no food without even realizing it. I came home from work last night, took a 3 hour nap, woke up, didn't feel like eating and was up all night working on honeymoon stuff. Then FI got up, left to teach his two classes, came home and asked what we were having for lunch. At that point I realized it'd been 26 hours since my last meal and I was running on 3 hours of sleep. We ate lunch and I took an hour nap which felt really nice. Now I need to make sure I don't stay up all night tonight again because I work and then have class tomorrow!
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  • I am very boring and non-emotional. That's just how my type A personality rolls. So...with the introduction of EMOTION to this event lol FI keeps saying "you're acting like a Girl!" He loves it!
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    [QUOTE]I tend to lean more toward rage, sadly.
    Posted by violakat03[/QUOTE]

    ditto that. I haven't been teary, or cry-emotional I've been waaay irritable and on edge ready to snap at anyone for anything which is usually the opposite...I usually just shut down and cry.
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    I'm super emotional! we are getting married in 3 DAYS!! I get choked up about anything and everything. I havent been sleeping good at all so I'm stressed about that, just getting over a bad cold, stressful job, and trying to get all the odds and ends tied up. I have major anxiety about being in front of a lot of people and just nervous about the whole day in general. Not nervous about marrying the hubby to be - just nerves about how the day will unfold. I know it'll all work out though! But after all that being said.... I'm beyond excited!! Laughing
  • I cry at least once a day. Except for yesterday, when I was too busy to lose it.  I think that the stress and emotion and everything all the PPs have said rings true. This is such an exciting time, but it is draining!
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  • Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)
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