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October 2012 Weddings

DIY injuries

haha, well that is a bit of an exaggeration but I was working on using one of those Martha Stewart hand cutters to add a lacey look to the top of our paper favor bags last night and this morning I noticed that the palm of my hand is a little sore!  Has anyone had any funny occurrences while doing their diy projects?


Re: DIY injuries

  • I did! I made wreathes for centerpieces, and did them all in one night like a maniac. My hand still hurts! Lol the things we do to ourselves for weddings
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  • My hands were killing me from cutting stuff out for the invitations. Right now I'm sore from sitting cross-legged on the couch for 2 hours working on my brooch bouquet. I'll have it finished tonight!! I did pinch myself pretty badly with the rounded wire pliers while making my bridesmaid hangers and left a blood blister, lol.
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  • While I was putting the wax seals on our invites I accidentally dripped hot wax on my finger, oh man it hurt like a b*tch! It landed on my finger nail so I got a lovely bloody mark under my fingernail and had to wait for it to slowly grow out.
  • I look like I tried to slit my wrist from cutting it with scissors whlle making my bouquet.. then last night I got hot glue on my finger and it burnt off 3 layers of skin.. LOVELY!!
  • I had buttons (not like clothing buttons but pin-type buttons) on our escort cards and my fingers were raw from trying to open and close all of them. Such a pain. People better love them!
  • The hot glue gun and I are taking a long seperation after the wedding... it may lead to a divorce. 
  • I almost glued my fingers together more than once with the crazy glue... I pulled them apart in time... So switched to the glue gun, which wasn't much better lol...

    but I enjoyed making my DIY's :D
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