October 2012 Weddings


Hey There October 2012 Brides, We have now all finished with our weddings and we thought that we would pass on some of the things that we have learned along the way!

1-Use your month board, they are awesome, and will give you great opinions on things, I don't know how I would have planned with out them. 

2- Don't worry about the little things, They aren't going to matter in the end.

3- If people offer to help, LET THEM! I didn't at first, but in the end I ended up having family members finish off a lot of the things we had at the wedding, and they turned out better then I could have ever imagined. 

4- it's your FI wedding too, let him help plan if he wants, my FI wasn't around for most of planning so he didn't help a lot, but there were a few things that he really wanted, so I made sure to get those things for him. 

5- HAVE FUN, thats the best advice that someone gave me, I know it seems simple, but you will be running all over the place that night, just have fun, it's the only wedding night you will get.  

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    One phrase I  want to share with everyone: "Thank you for the suggestion"... it definitely releases you from any resposibility on planning anything they'd want but makes it so you notice what they want...

    Also, make sure you decide what's important to you and be non-negotiable on those things. Everything else can be questionable. I was non-negotionable on the church, reception site, and location but my (now husband) picked the DJ and helped with the photographer and flowers. My MIL also tried to help with stuff but I did a lot on my own. I kinda planned things and then told people what they were after I alreadhy signed contracts.
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    Thank you Ladies for all the great advice. Brad and I are getting married 10/6/12 and I have most of the logistics planned and/or set. But I am having fun doing it. I will consider all of your lovely comments and help. =)
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    Thank you all for your advice!! It's much appreciated I know by many of us!  One thing that I read (there was lots that I loved) was that it's never too early to start booking/buying/planning things. I love that. I started planning at 14 months out when we got enagaged - and because i started right away with things, we will have our wedding paid off about a month before the wedding. We are paying for the entire thing ourselves so while so many people said "oh you have so much time for that" (they must not have had to pay for an entire wedding themselves) - I just took that with a grain of salt and continued my planning. So glad that i did too!!
    Thanks again October brides of 2011 Cool
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    My Advice:

    1. Do not assume that October = cool weather. Be prepared for a warm day by scouting the locations of the AC vents in your venue and/or having a hand-held fan to use.

    2. Have a DOC (pro or super-organized and assertive friend/family member). Having a DOC was, hands down, my single best decision. I got to be the bride, and didn't have to be the boss (much).

    3. You don't have to have a "fall wedding" just because you happen to be getting married in the fall.

    4. The anxiety really kicks in about 8 weeks before the wedding, and you reach the "I don't give a crap" mode about 1 week before the wedding. Those 7 weeks in between suck, but you will accomplish a lot and it will be 100% worth it.

    5. Seeing your vision come together and being surrounded by the people who love you is absolute magic. Take a moment to soak it all in.

    6. Schedule time during your cocktail hour and/or reception to be alone with your spouse. You're married. You deserve some alone time.

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