April 2012 Weddings

Dress and some checks! PIP

I wanted my dress to be under $700 (but preferably under $800)...but when I tried this dress on, I knew it was the one.  It's $1,000 but I'm getting a discount of $200 off for putting it on hold during my first visit, bringing it down to $800.  I put it on hold for $50 for 2 days because I was a little worried about the cost, but I know it's the one and decided that I'll get it because it's one of the more important parts to me.

We also:
-found photographers whom we are meeting with on Tuesday
-found a DJ and are in the process of booking him
-found a couple of different affordable venues (versus the free church cultural hall)
-found an available reception decorator

-finished decorating the wish bowl
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