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10/27 Brides!!

One month to go!!  What are the big checks you have left? 
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Re: 10/27 Brides!!

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    I'm 10/28, but its close enough!  i have to get my dress altered, finish my bouquet, make final payments, create a seating plan and submit my day of schedule to the appropriate people.
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    Ohhhhhh.  Emmmmmmm. Gggeeeeeee!!!!!!

    Just llittle last minute things to do.  Waiting on some RSVPs so I can do the seating chart.  I have to finish up my guest book and buy mums and pumpkins. 

    I really can't believe it's almost here!
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    We are getting married by our friend that got ordained.  We are meeting with him tonight to discuss the ceremony.  He's done a few weddings so it should go smoothly.
    We still have to pick songs, meet with piano player and DJ, programs (if there's time,) work out kinks in the day of schedule and distribute it, make seating chart (still waiting on 87 RSVPs.)  I think that's it... I hope!

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    Heidi's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
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    I'm 10/26, but I still have to get my dress altered...I have an appointment on Saturday.  I still don't have my baker...meeting with someone in the next few days.  Follow up with photog and DJ.  Meet with my Pastor for final details and make arrangements for a limo.  Also, pay off my vendors!!!

    Oh!  and my marriage license!  I suppose that's the most important one!
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    Is it bad that I'm like "I still have a month, this can wait"? lol

    I guess I am just trying not to stress out about it anymore.  I have a few things to do, but nothing that I can't handle and I should be able to get it done relatively quickly if I set a weekend aside for it.  With FI traveling, I have a ton of free time.

    I have final vendor meetings starting next week so all those loose ends will be tied up soon.  We are starting to make final vendor payments (that's going to hurt seeing all that money gone!).  I am going for my first fitting on Saturday (I put it off as long as I could lol) and afterwards going to my moms to finish up DIY projects.  Once those are done, I will feel much more comfortable with everything.  On Sunday, I'll probably buy all the little detail things that I need like candles and toasting flutes and such.  Next week, FI comes back so I am hoping to get the seating chart knocked out so that I can get the escort cards done.

    That's all I can think of right now :)
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    I have my final meeting with the venue and caterer today, make final payment to caterer today, I'm still waiting on 4 rsvps and my deadline is monday. Write my vows, get a few small things like candy for favors. Make final payments to officiant, cake baker, and pay off tuxes. Oh and find a hair person and have a trial, pretty sure I am going with a hair salon but just need to pick one and make appts.
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    Wooooooo!!! I have the seating chart left to do & just the nitty gritty, like putting stuff in specific boxes, printing programs.

    I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!
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    We are having our 2nd meeting with the priest on Saturday, meeting with the music director on Sunday, meeting with the DJ on Monday, having my hair trial on Monday(hopefully) .  Having my second dress fitting later in the week. 

    We are still waiting on RSVPs so we still need to do escort cards (we are attaching them to the favors soooo still need to do favors.  they are candy apples so it's too early to do them)

    we need to go over final details with the venue too.  Need to work on a centerpiece for the head table. 

    I need to buy a garter.

    I think that's it...?! 
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    Lots of things!
    - Final payments
    - Finish the timeline
    - Meetings w/ DJ and photographer
    - Finalize the cake order and flower order (checking those off today!)
    - Turn in headcount and food order to the reception venue
    - Create place cards and seating chart
    - Create table numbers (hoping to finish that this weekend) and get all photos/frames together for decorating our venue
    - Get unity candle set and rest of gifts for the BMs and my older sisters
    - Write shower thank you notes
    - Pack up favors (they're sitting in my freezer... I made 450 buckeyes. THAT was a project.)

    That's probably not everything, but most of it! What is done is most important: ceremony is planned and we had our final meeting with the priest on Tuesday. We got our marriage license the first day we were eligible! Also, I picked up plenty of sunscreen and got a new bathing suit for the honeymoon. CAN'T WAIT!
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    Picked up our wedding bands last night, getting our marriage license today, and meeting the events coordinator at the country club to finalize some things.....CHECK!! Smile

    Now to find a new photographer, since mine is MIA! 

    Other than that, couple small things....need parents gifts, gift for the judge who is marrying us, order sparklers....etc
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    Sooooo EXCITED!!!!

    -final payments
    -paper products to print, i.e. programs, place cards, menu cards
    -finish dance lessons-surprise to everyone :)
    -by gifts for FI, FMIL, FFIL, MOB
    -wrap gifts
    -nail down details of the ceremony, our priest is really on my last nerve
    -start tanning!
    -kick my butt in the gym

    definitely more, but only little details
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