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October 2012 Weddings

show me your...

Re: show me your...

  • Here is one of mine: 

    They will be help up with wire picture holders that I made, and placed in wine bottles with some colored midollino sticks. 

    They are technically tables 1, 2, 3, etc., because each table will have one special date from each month - 

    1.20.2006 - Started Dating
    2.16.2006 - First "I Love You"
    3.19.19XX - FI's Birthday
    4.16.2006 - First Holiday Together
    5.8.2011 - FI Receives his Masters
    6.30.2012 - I Receive my Masters
    7.30.2011 - She Said "YES!"
    8.25.2007 - First Apartment Together
    9.30.19XX - My Birthday
    10.6.12 - They Say "I DO!"

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  • Our venue is providing the table numbers.  I think they are a black script number in a silver frame.  I thought about getting creative and DIYing them, but when the venue told me that they have them I realized that I didn't want to take on another DIY project.
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    Here are the start of ours.  FMIL is finishing them because she really wants to help.

  • We only have 7 tables so I am going to take pics of FI and I together in 7 different cities and each table will be named after that city.   Our escort cards are going to be plane tickets listing the table city as their final destination. 


  • My MOH is a graphic designer and helped to these and my program
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  • Ours will be a tented style and the same company that did our invitation is doing them. Here is the proof:

  • I love me some DIY, black out is our names.

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  • In Response to Re: show me your...:
    [QUOTE]Here are the start of ours.  FMIL is finishing them because she really wants to help.
    Posted by lwoehlk[/QUOTE]

    These are amazing!!
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  • Mine I got off pinterest so if you follow me you can see them. They are numbers that we will print on to sticky labels and put on wine bottles. The bottles are of wines we really like (empty of course)!
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  • I love ours,

  • In Response to Re: show me your...:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: show me your... : These are amazing!!
    Posted by ccarrion77[/QUOTE]


  • Haven't finished ours yet, but we're labeling each table with an important place from our "history" - and making a collage of 3 photos and a short description of the place and why it's so important to us.
  • Sorry that it's upside down!! My mom took the picture with her phone and is left handed so it ended up that way. 

    They'll be stuck in the wooden slab like this:

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  • These are ours... (not so bright though my flash likes to OVER FLASH) lol

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