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October 2012 Weddings

Who is seating your Mom?

My Dad is walking me down the aisle.  I don't have a brother or close male relative....I'm not sure who to have seat my mother.  Naturally, I could do a goomsman who is a friend.  What are you ladies doing?

Re: Who is seating your Mom?

  • Well my mom passed away, but one of the GMs will be seating my SM.
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    What about your FI doing it if he is close to your mom?

    ETA: Sorry I didn't reply with what I'm doing.  My parents are divorced, so definitely not my dad!  My two brothers are our ushers, so I will probably have them both escort her.

  • I picked the girls for our wedding party and FI picked the guys.  We wanted even sides, but he was short a guy and I really couldn't have less than 4 girls, so my youngest cousin (17) ended up on FI's side.  It works out well because he can walk with my sister who is also 17 and she will feel comfortable since she knows him.  Anyway, it also worked out well because he can seat my mother!
  • We have two best men; FI's best friend will seat my mom. I don't have any brothers, so it seemed like the best option.
  • My dad is walking my mom down, to me it's not a big deal and it won't conflict if he walks her down and then comes back around and walks me down too! My brother is walking my Grandma down
  • We're having the ushers seat my mom. One is my best guy friend that I've known since I was about 3. The other is my 18 year old cousin. So one of them will seat my mom. FI will seat his mom. Still not sure what to do with FI's grandpa. He's the only grandparent left.....I might make FSIL (who's also a BM) seat him before she walks in the processional.
  • My stepdad...one of the few times it works and is easier to have step parents.
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  • I haven't thought about it, but since my parents aren't together, I am thinking either an usher or groomsman....guess I should think more about it.
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  • My FI's adult son who is also his best man will be seating FI's mom the only mom that is attending.
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    My brother will be seating our mother and then circling back to escort a bridesmaid. ETA: Sorry I couldn't add anything that would help your situation. Can you have both parents walk you in?

  • I'm out of this discussion because my mom is walking me down. Ill probably have FI's cousin who is an usher walk his mom down...

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  • I'm going to ask my brother to seat my mom.  I'm stuck on who to have seat FI's mom since his dad is deceased.  Would it be wierd to have FI seat her?
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  • Our mothers are actually part of the wedding party and will be walking down individually.  We only have a MOH and BM...the BM is my FI's dad, and my dad will be walking me down the aisle.  Its not traditional but its how we are planning to have it.

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    [QUOTE]I'm going to ask my brother to seat my mom.  I'm stuck on who to have seat FI's mom since his dad is deceased.  Would it be wierd to have FI seat her?
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    No....FI's dad can't walk very well so he'll be seated the whole time. FI is walking his mom down.
  • Thanks so much for the feedback.  It seems like a groomsman who is a close friend will be our best option. 
  • Uh, hadn't even thought about it....I have no idea!!! But from other people have said I guess probably my older brother.
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  • One of my brother's is.  My other brother is walking my Grandma.
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