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Devil in the Details

Hi all.  I was just remembering how, when I was a bridesmaid last summer in a friend's wedding, she was getting dressed that morning and realized she had no underwear to wear!  Luckily, I had brought her bachelorette gift with me (long story) which contained a pair she ended up wearing that day. 

This got me thinking, what kind of day-of details are there that we could remind each other of?  Maybe we could put our thoughts out there and generate a list of seemingly obvious things that could slip our minds on the Big Day.  Even things that seem super obvious, maybe there are some among us (myelf included) who have neglected to think of them, since there are so many things to think about in these last months!  I'll start off: underwear--lol!!  :) 

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    I'll play. I already have my undies picked out but my suggestion is to make sure there is food and non-alcoholic beverages available for you and your BMs while you're getting ready.

    I've also heard of other brides having a BM in charge of making sure they drink water throughout the day so that you don't end up dehydrated the morning after.
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    Here's a few things I've started on my list

    Chap Stick
    Baby Powder
    Diaper wipes- for freshening up
    Sewing kit
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    Good idea!  I also just thought of pj's for the wedding night.  I'll be too tired to wear anything too sexy, so I'll probably just wear a cute cotton slip or something. 
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    My list also includes some of the obvious:
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    Just remember I had another friend who forgot her (pricey!) wedding shoes.  She wore flip flops all day!  I know some people prefer that, but she had actually splurged on this pair of designer heels.  Yikes...
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    I had a friend who forgot her special dress bra. When we were heading over to the venue, I jokingly asked her about what her "something blue" was, and she pulled out her blue bra strap to show me. Not thinking anything of it, we headed over to the venue.

    An hour later when she was getting dressed, she realized she didn't have the special bra for her dress. I had thought she was wearing the blue one (because why else would she have said it was her something blue?!). Luckily we had plenty of time and she was able to get it, but it caused some extra stress for sure.
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    If you are staying somewhere, (not at home), the noght of the wedding, make sure you and FI have a change of clothes, (and shoes) for the next day.  I forget those at my first wedding and ended up wearing my PJs home.
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    if you are getting your BM dresses amde make sure to get an extra scrap of fabric from teh dressmaker! i shot a wedding on the weekend where this came in very handy as a BM's dress  ripped while trying to zip it up.  they literally sewed her into teh dress.
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    On the day of, I'm scared I'll forget my props for the adding photos. I bought "thank you" signs and "mr and mrs" signs from Etsy and I'd be really disappointed if I forgot them.
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    Your clothes to wear the next day. A friend of a friend forgot and had to have someone go pick her up some stuff, since she couldn't relaly get away with wearing the white dress again. ;)
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    [QUOTE]If you are staying somewhere, (not at home), the noght of the wedding, make sure you and FI have a change of clothes, (and shoes) for the next day.  I forget those at my first wedding and ended up wearing my PJs home.
    Posted by Cathyl7910[/QUOTE]
    I just said this, ha, I am bad with skimming replies, commenting, and THEN going back to read what everyone else is saying (I don't know why I think this is a good way to do this?).
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    I had a dream that I forgot to shave my armpits...I am still concerned this might actually happen.
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    I'll list things that I am going to put in my emergency kit:

    Tylenol, Aspirin, Excedrin Migraine, Tums
    Lint Roller
    Nail polish in my color
    Safety Pins
    Shout Wipes
    Straws - for drinks to not ruin lipstick

    I had a bad dream that we were at our reception and we forgot everything for our photobooth.  I really wanted to go get it, but there was only an hour left.  I went into the bathroom to cry and people were complaining that we didn't have a photobooth.  I woke up in a panic!

    I'm trying really hard not to forget anything, so I've purchased storage containers and I am organizing everything in those and putting them in our wedding closet (office closet).  If I don't have time to pack it up right then and there, I still just place it in the wedding closet and go back later to organize it.  Almost everything is in there, except my jewelry, shoes, etc because I'm packing that separately and I don't want it to accidentally be taken with the rest of the decor stuff.
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    So add razor to that list!
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    Great ideas, girls!!
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