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Something borrowed?

So I have my something old, new and blue but nothing borrowed. At this point I'm going to borrow ANYTHING just so I can check it off my list.

What is everyone else doing?

Re: Something borrowed?

  • I am borrowing my sister in laws cake cutter stuff! :) That way I don't have to buy any! haha!
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  • I'm not a big jewelry wearer or owner for that matter.  So I'm probably going to borrow some piece of jewelry from my sisters. 
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  • I don't have anything borrowed either.  I have no idea what to do.  I might ask my grandma for something.
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  • I don't know what all of mine are going to be! What are you using for the three you have? I'm planning on having a garter with my something blue ( I found it on Etsy but I haven't ordered it yet) and then my something borrowed is my great-grandmothers platinum ring that I'll be wearing on my right hand. I don't know what to do for something old and something new...
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  • My dress is my something new, my moms' veil which I'm using to wrap around my bouquet stem is my something old, and I bought blue "I DO" shoe crystals for some my something blue.

    I'm maybe going to see if anyone I know has a vintage hanky I can borrow. Other then that I'm lost. I have all my jewellery and a clutch so there's nothing I need to complete my look. Plus I think they're technically all supposed to be things you have on your person when you take your vows.

  • I have nothing borrowed or blue :(
  • Here's my list of things: OLD: a Cz tennis bracelet given to me at graduation by my Dad and his at the time gf. Since he's deceased its special as well. Its 8 years old so that's old enough for me! NEW: Dress, shoes, earrings, necklace...and it goes on.. BORROWED: my Grandma's angel pin. I'm going to pin it on my bouquet somehow. My aunt told me I could use it..its old as well. BLUE: SHOES!! And my garter as well. They both are in horizon from DB to match my BM dresses.
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  • New - Shoes, dress, undies
    Old - Mom's veil, grandpa's cross
    Borrowed - Mom's pearl studs, grandma's brooch (either pinning inside dress or hanigng from bouquet)
    Blue - Garter, flowers, one of the brooches

    Didn't realize how much I had it covered. The are a lot of ways you can get these things in there, even if it is pinning something inside your dress.
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  • I have two somethings borrowed. I'm wearing my mother's pearls from my dad and her great aunt's pearl bracelet (also my something old). I will also be using a knife to cut the cake that has been in our family for 7 generations.
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  • If you are wearing your mom's vail, could that also be your something borrowed?
  • I'm not sure if the old,new, borrowed, blue is a superstition or just something fun...either way, i've not put much thought into it.

    old: scrap of fabric for bouquet wrap
    new: dress
    borrowed: pins in brooch bouquet
    blue: pins in brooch bouquet

    OP: maybe you can borrow a pin for your bouquet wrap or maybe you can sneak a borrowed hair pin into your hair.
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    [QUOTE]If you are wearing your mom's vail, could that also be your something borrowed?
    Posted by sedoniger[/QUOTE]

    I'm not wearing it - I'm wrapping it around my bouquet in remembrance of her. Can't really borrow something from someone who isn't alive anymore.
  • I don't have a something borrowed either : /  All of the other ones are set though.

    All of my jewelry is set, so I can't borrow jewelry.  My told told me that she'd let me borrow a $1 if no one offers anything LOL!
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  • New- dress & shoes

    Borrowed- sister's veil & garter

    Blue- underwear & garter

    Old- not sure yet, but i think my mom has something to pin to the inside of my dress
  • Ughhh I've barely thought about this yet

    Something Old: I think I am going to raid my mom's jewelry box to find something
    Something new: Dress/Shoes
    Something Borrowed: ??
    Something blue: Panties maybe?

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  • My great aunt passed away a couple years ago, and she was big into jewelry. Though I already have all my jewelry for the day, she has an angel pin that I will be borrowing. I'm going to pin it to the back of my dress. 
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  • My old, borrowed and blue can all be fufilled by the garter my Mom wore at her wedding which I'm borrowing. Lots of stuff is new, undies will be old and possibly blue as well :P
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  • My Mother is loaning me her Mother's pearls to wear. Grandmother passed away a long time ago, but I am borrowing from Mom. I will probably borrow hair pins from a friend though, I have nothing for my hair, no ideas, not even a hairdresser
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  • I'm going to have several borrowed things. Officially my borrowed item is the veil I'm using, borrowed from a friend. My something old is my grandmother's pearls which I'm borrowing and I might be borrowing my mother's saphire ring for my my something blue.
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  • I havent picked out my something borrowed yet but my grandmother is going to have me go through her jewelry to find something for the wedding (could be my something old as well).
    My something blue is "I DO" for my shoes, and probably on my garter
    My something new dress, shoes
    My something old is a pearl necklace from my mom (could be my borrowed as well)
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  • I borrowed a beautiful bracelet from my bestfriend/MOH.  I wasn't going to wear one but couldn't figure out what to borrow, and I seen her wearing it one day and asked her if I could borrow it for the wedding.
  • My FI's grandma might have a cake cutter set for us to use "somewhere in the attic", and in her search for it, she found a handkerchief that she carried at her wedding. She called to ask me if I'd like to borrow it for my wedding (and then pass on to FI's sister when she gets married). I thought this was very sweet.
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