Band Recs?

I know this has been asked but I just looked at both pages and found nothing...Anyone know of a great wedding band?  Mind sharing names/prices?  Thanks!!
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July 10, 2010
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Re: Band Recs?

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    We used E3 through Sam Hill Bands.  We paid $2250 and would have been happy to pay double that.  They are FANTASTIC! 
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    We used Amaretto and they were fantastic. They weren't cheap at $6500, but they were worth it. They made it a fabulous party--and that was very important to us. I've got a review in my bio. Other bands that I've seen and heard about that are great are: Highway Star (were amazing at a friend's wedding), Doctor's Orders, Mustangs Band, Retrospect. HTH!
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    We're using Millennium through Washington Talent. We also really liked Onyx. they're about $7000 and up, depending on the time of year and day of wedding. Washington Talent had other bands which were much less ($3500). One think I liked about them is that they ahve these showcases on Wednesday evenings when bands play live. We attended the one for Millennium, and they performed for only three couples, and then sat down with us to get to know you and what you envisioned for your day.
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    We went thru Jan Davis and got a great band, who is coming up from Richmond, which cut the cost in half.  They were really flexible on picking bands, we wanted something a bit non-traditional (more classic rock).
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    We used After Hours...they are a lesser known band in the wedding world, but that made them more affordable...$2000.  They were great...an 8 piece band...they play lots of Motown, classic rock, oldies...not as much of the Top 40/more current stuff...so if that is what you are looking for, they might not be your band.  They were really mutually appealing to all of our wedding guests, of all ages...and people were on the dance floor all night.  I definitely recommend them.
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