I Hate Candid Photos

I need help finding a photographer that does more traditional posed shots than just this photojournalism.

We did out engagement shoot and it was 100% candid and 100% awful. My friends take better pics of us at the bar! We ended up with nicely photoshopped terrible pictures.

I need a photographer that is going to pose me and the wedding party but the trend seems to be candid, candid, candid!


Re: I Hate Candid Photos

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    To be honest, Sarah Schulte posed us a ton when we got our engagement pictures. Almost to look candid, but she told us where to put what, hold hands, look to the left, smile, no don't smile, put your head here, no don't do that... it was really great becaues we didn't know how to do anything (She did the same thing for b-pics). We really like her style and the way she goes about posing, as I want all those classic shots of the bridal party that you want.
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    Who did you use for your engagement shoot?  Any good photographer will know how to pose you to make even the most posed shots look natural and candid.  To be truthful, anyone can take a stiff, posed, photo.  A good photographer, especialy one with a photojournalistic style, will take your feedback and be able to perfectly capture the candid moments on your wedding day AND give you the posted photos you want.  Remember that the most special moments of your wedding aren't posed at all (your walk up the aisle, your facial expressions during the best mans speech, your first dance...and ALL the unexpected moments that will happen).  A "traditional" photographer may capture some of these relatively well, but a phtographer trained in photojournalistic techniques will capture all of them creatively and perfectly. 

    I'm not sure what you'll think of them, but I think the following photographers are great:

    Doug Burns from Candid Moments Photography (who we used, my wedding photos are in my maried bio)
    Tony Hoffer
    Sarah Schulte
    Sandor Welsh
    Mike Landis

    If they're out of your budget, let us know and we have others we can share who will do a great job.
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    Foschi Photography in Wilmington, DE, are pretty traditional.  They have been in business for years and have pretty good, reasonably priced packages.

    Just google Fischi Photo Wilmington for their contact info.
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    My photographer is more traditional, and I would be glad to pass on her info to you- she's in DE as well, and is very reasonable in price.

    Her name is Nicole, and her business is Belles and Beaus.  Check out I am paying $1600 for one photog (if you desire a second one, she can get one), and am getting:

    All day coverage
    Free engagement shoot
    all rights to a the photos on a DVD
    200 4x6 prints of our choice in an album
    2 8x11 coffee table books
    2 5x7 coffee table books
    a 10x10 matted album with our choice of pics
    Choice of 16X20, 2 11X14's or 3 8X10's

    You can upgrade the albums if you need to, or add on more if need be (we asked at our first meeting).

    Check out for examples of her work. 

    Reviews of her work by clients can be found here:
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    DItto pp's.. Mike Landis posed us in a way to make things look candid "sit on his lap, put your head against his, lean in more towards him" etc..  Some of our best wedding day photos were ones that were completely candid though, laughing, dancing, etc.  So its definitely important to have a photog who can capture the true candid stuff at the right angles (I saw Mike laying down on the floor for our first dance at one point LOL!)
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    I'm using Marc Anthony Photography and, while he is an amazing photojournalist, I too wanted some posed shots. After meeting him and talking to him in great detail of my concerns he put me so at ease. Check out his website at
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    i second doug burns from candid moments photography.

    heather: your wedding pics look awesome, i'm so excited for doug to photograph our day! 


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    i'm using denise mabilog... she is reasonable and amazing!
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