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Hi Ladies,

I am going crazy trying to think of ideas for our centrepieces.  Our colours are White and Royal blue.  I was going to go to a florist but they want to charge $50 a table!

What are you doing? Post a picture if you have one :)

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Re: Centrepieces

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    Our table overlays are going to be royal blue and for half of the tables we are doing 3 different height cylinder vases with white submerged orchids and a white floating candle in each.
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    What kind of look are you going for? 

    If you're going for vintage, how about white milk glass vases with some blue wildflowers.


    Cobalt glass vases with white flowers such as hydrangeas, daisies, roses, dahlias.

    Clear cylindrical vases with cobalt glass pebbles filled with water and floating candles. (non-flower option).

    Good luck!
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    I am thinking some sort of cylindrical vases with candles ontop with floating flowers inside of it.  I'm not sure what you can get in a royal blue but maybe even a white flower such as a rose would work with a blue candle ontop with blue table overlays.

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