Hi Knotties!I'm starting my search on Caterers and was wondering who you used and if you loved them or hated them.Are wedding is going to consist of 100-120 guest and we really want to stay under 35per person for seated buff or served. (Not including bar equipment- though it would be grand if we could)Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards R&R or Prime Choice

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    I decided to go with R&R for their interactive stations package.  Went our and had a tasting, which was really good.  Price was super reasonable.  I've heard nothing put good things so far.
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    I'm not sure what else you're hoping to have included in that price.  for about $120 per person we're having Catring by Uptown, but this includes a seated three course meal, cake, linens, crystal, silverware, tax, gratuity, beer/wine/bar, cocktail hour... basically everything.  I'm not sure how much they charge for buffet, and if you take off the bar, then you would save more... they were the best package we found in the area (if you wanted to include everything - they even include some simple centerpieces).
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    In that price range I'm really looking at food in general. It will probably come out to a little bit more with the dishes added in. But we were thinking of just buying our own linens and seeing about reselling them after the wedding is over. But we'll have to see what happens. I did check out Catering by Uptown but they are waaaaay out of our price range. In total we are really trying to stay under 5k for everything. Which allows us some- but not a ton- of wiggle room.We are also not having any sea food (allergy reasons) or deserts (as there will be cake and a candy bar)All the other decorations we are doing our self- so we don't need them to do the centerpieces or the napkin rings.
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    yeah, it is pricey, but the hassle factor has been kept to a minimum, and I didn't feel nickle and dimed.  We are also having about 80-90 people (less than yours).  The other idea is to have a restaraunt that does catering do the wedding, sometimes they can be more inexpensive.  My friend got married in NoVA and she had her favorite Italian restaurant cater (buffet) and it was nice.
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    Try Main Street Catering in MD.  They really worked with my budget.  Ask for Kerri.  They're really sweet. 
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    We're using R&R too. We went with their Poncho's Tex Mex menu and are doing a bbq buffet. $12.95/person. Prices vary depending on what you're looking for. Nancy has been great!
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    Thanks Knotties! I really appreciate the input! I feel much better about contacting R&R and I checked out Main Street Catering and have added them to my list!Keep the suggestions coming or let me know if anything has changed! Thanks!
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    Try Stone Soup Catering, Kim is absolutely amazing and came up with an awesome menu on my very small budget!http://www.stone-soup-catering.com/
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