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Hi everyone, We are donating to a charity instead of having favors at the wedding. If you did the same, what type of notice did you give guests? I think we will do a card in a picture frame saying exactly that...but I feel like it needs more. What did yours say? Did you have it at the place card table; the gift table? Thanks!

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    We did just that.  My mom made an 8*10 size notice in pretty fonts on pretty purple paper we had used for the save the dates and we put it in a nice silver frame.  We put it out at the place card table.  we also mentioned it in our ceremony program under elements of the wedding.  Some people do more, like individual notices at each reception seat but that to me seemed like overkill and enough was enough!  the point was to save money/time and do something meaningful so no need to kill yourself on it.
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    We're doing this too--donating to the Alzheimer's Association. We also bought a few of their rubber, Alz. awareness wristbands. I am putting those in a basket (not enough for everyone to have one though we only got 45 and our wedding is 120) and a sign on the basket that says: "In lieu of favors, a donation has been made to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of our guests. Feel free to take a bracelet to show your support for this cause." GL! :)
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    Oh and I forgot - we also put out some brochures about the DC Central kitchen where we donated so people could take one to learn more if they wanted.
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    Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  I (for some insane reason) was going to leave individual cards for each couple but that is such a waste.  I was afraid that people wouldn't see a sign and might get upset that there was no favor.  It's a great idea to put it right in the program.  Thank you ladies!
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    We put a note on the back of the program, saying that in a lieu of a favor a donation was made in honor of our guests to the following charities, which have a special meaning to us. 
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    thanks ladies!
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