Had my first tasting....Rave

Ok ladies soo I posted last week to see if anyone had any reviews on Basikneads Catering in Alexandria. No one responded so I was feeling kindda nervous. Well I went for the first tasting on Friday and I'm happy I did. The food was wonderful. The chef was great and more than willing to tweek things as I suggested. He even offered alternatives to the menu I originally picked out. The service I received before the tasting was Excellent. Lena the coordinator has great customer service and was super friendly. They really worked with my budget and still gave me all that I wanted. Most important is that I got what i wanted without being nickeled and dimed like i felt with some of the other catering companies I called for proposals. I went ahead and booked with them so that's another thing out of the way. I'm sooo releaved to have finally made a decision about the caterer. It was a loooong search- trust me guys. Now on to the photographer. We have an appointment with another one tomorrow. The first one was way too much.

Re: Had my first tasting....Rave

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    I'm glad your tasting went well.  I missed your earlier posting, but I also decided to go with Basikneads after we had such a great tasting last spring.  I'm not sure what your budget is for your photographer, but you might want to check out Cassidy Duhon at www.cassidyduhon.com I found him to be one of the most reasonable and I love his work.
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    Hi ladies! Sorry I missed the earlier post but we also did a tasting a few weeks back with Basikneads that was great! I completely agree with your feelings about them, and I also checked the DC Knottie Review website (it comes up if you google it). They had almost all good reviews - just one from I think 2005 that wasn't very good. I think we're going to book them but we have family drama holding up the whole process. Good luck!
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    I believe that because it was under another owner then.  The current owner is also the head chef and he bought the company early last year.  Yu should book with them...yeah.  I'm sooo excited.  Thanks and Happy Planning.  I hope everything works out.  
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