Veil/Updo Question (long)

I have decided to use the headpiece that my mother wore at her wedding.  It used to be white, but it actually has worn into an ivory color over the years, which works out perfectly since my dress is an ivory/pearl!  :)  Anyway, the headpiece if very wide.  My mother wore it on top of her head, but I plan to wear it in the back of my head.  Since it is pretty wide, it extends from the middle to the lower part of my head.  I am going to get a cathedral length veil and have it attached to the headpiece.  So my questions are:1) Since the headpiece is so wide, and I want an updo, I feel like my hairstyles are limited.  Unfortunately my hair is thin, so a low updo won't be very full.  Does anyone have any hair ideas?2) The headpiece will go on top of my hair and the veil over my hair- I am worried about my hair a) getting messed up when I take the headpiece and veil off after the ceremony and b) what my head will look like once I take the headpiece off.  Any advice or reassurances my hair will still look great for the reception?Her headpiece is beautiful and I am very excited to wear it- I am just worried about my hair looking like I just rolled out of bed after this is all over!Thanks!

Re: Veil/Updo Question (long)

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    I would actually love to know, even more generally, how people prevent up-dos from getting messed up when they take off their veils.  I want my hair up as well, with my veil and a little crystal comb toward the back of my head but in front of the bun (or some bun equivalent - I haven't decided yet exactly what style I want, I just know I want it out of my face and off my neck).  But, like the OP, I'm worried that when I pull out the veil before the reception, the hair where it attached will be messed up. Will I be able to fix this with bobby pins? Any advice would be appreciated...
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    I'm wearing a tiara and veil with an updo. The veil will be pinned under my hair so I can remove it after the ceremony without messing up my hair. I'm having a veil with a blusher so the blusher will still go over everything. Don't know if that helps. Best idea is to talk to your hair stylist and show them what you're planning to wear your hair like, they should be able to give a better idea :)
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    Yeah, all of the pictures I have seen online show the veil underneath the updo, but this is impossible with my headpiece- the updo has to go under the headpiece and under the veil (which makes me nervous)! 
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