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Just wondering if anyone is thinking of having their guests RSVP to the wedding/reception online only. We don't really want all that paper to keep track of since our house is small. In the digital age, do you think it's acceptable to have web replies?

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    my FI created a wedding website for us.  before a guest logs on to the site it requires that they fill out their address (so we have the correct one for the invitations) and it asks if they want updates to the site and want to RSVP electronically.  a few people (mainly the tech savy ones) have said they would like to receive an e-invitation.  we'll likely ask our printer to create a web version of our invitation to send to these few.  i know it's not the "proper" thing to do but he really wanted to do it and there are so few that i'm not overly concerned about it.  it's mainly his brothers (who are all computer engineers) that want the electronic version of the invitation.  plus since we asked up front we gave the guests the option to receive a regular paper invitation.
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    We have the RSVP function set up on our website.  We will include this on the invite, and will also include our telephone numbers for those not-so-tech-savvy guests.  I think it's important that you at least give the telephone option, but otherwise online RSVP is totally fine, IMO.

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