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Just over 5 months away to my wedding (which will be at a winery), and oops... I haven't really put a ton of thought into the Rehearsal Dinner. Any ideas?
I'm looking for suggestions on a place to host either a Rehearsal Dinner or Luncheon. I'm specifically looking for a place that is unique and more casual- we're not really a traditional restaurant or formal-seated-event type of couple :)  I'm thinking along the lines of BBQ or a brewery... but that could be because I just really want some pulled pork and a cold beer right now... hmm...

Prefer to have it outside, but being inside isn't a deal breaker for the right place. The only thing that IS a deal breaker is alcohol: we come from a long line of drinkers, and aren't interested in any place that has a "No Booze" policy. Has anyone had or been to any really unique and fun rehearsal dinners they might be willing to share? All suggestions welcome, and thanks for your help!!

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  • I live in DC (and before that MD) so I'm not SUPER familiar with restaurants in VA (and I'm assuming you're in NoVA since you're having your wedding at a winery though I could be wrong).  But, it sounds like Rustica in Alexandria might be perfect for your group:


    It's laid back, and there's plenty of parking (so many places like King Street or Clarendon can be so difficult for parking), and I think they might even brew some of their own beer. 
  • Do you have a favorite restaurant?  If so, reserve a room there.  Or, if you would rather have the dinner/luncheon at home, the meal can be catered there.

    You could start with a restaurant search on opentable.com.  You can search by neighborhood, type of cuisine and other criteria.  Good luck!
  • I'm thinking about Mango Mike's! It's really laid back and the food is good.


    It's in alexandria and they can do private or semi-private parties. Just a thought.
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