Do I have a right to be a little angry?

My fiance's credit is almost non-existent and have been trying to convince him to get a credit card through his work so he can work on building it since he has had a hard time getting one elsewhere...well today when he called me on his lunch break he told me he got a credit card through one of those mailing things that says you're preapproved since he was approved when he applied...which at first I was thinking great for him so he can work on building credit so within the next few years we can buy a house...but then he started telling me about the card and told me there was a $40 application fee and then a yearly/annual fee which he wasn't aware what the annual fee was well he just texted me saying the annual fee is $76 (OUTRAGEOUS IF YOU ASK ME!!!!!!).....so before he uses the thing he's already spent over $110 on a credit card (not wise in my opinion) so of course I'm a little peturbed and when I said something to him earlier about having to pay an annual fee (he originally thought it was $10/month)....so now that I find out the real cost I want to scream.... yet I know if I say something it'll cause a fight so now what?
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Re: Do I have a right to be a little angry?

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    Humm, that is a tough one. I would not pick a fight about this card. I would suggest cancelling the card and getting one that is more reasonable. Did he try Capital One or another bank card. It just seems that the fees that he is paying with this card are a bit high.


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    40+76=116, which is about $10/month. So that part confused me a bit on your post!

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    If your fiance has never had a credit card before, he probably didn't know to look at the fine print of the credit card offer. I'm sure a ton of people have made the same mistake, especially with their first credit card. He was trying to make you happy because as you said, you've been trying to convince him. It's a mistake with a lesson to learn. I'm sure he already feels bad about it, so I wouldn't make him feel worse.

    You're going to marry this man.....so it might be a good idea to not get mad about the small stuff. Laughing

    Since he just signed up for the card, he may be able to cancel it without any penalties or fees.
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    I think this might be a good thing to talk about, but it is a touchy subject.  The more upsetting thing to me is not that he got a "bad" deal on a credit card, but that he made such an important decision without consulting you.  His credit affects you and your life together with him, so these kinds of decisions should have your input too.

    I think if you went at it like "this is such a bad deal and you could've found a different one!", then he probably will get offended and feel like you're saying he's incompetent and doesn't know how to make a decision.  But I think if you went at it like, "I'm hurt that you didn't include me in this big decision that affects both of us," he might be a little more understanding and not as offended.
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