Tux Rental Shops - with samples to try on

Hi Again!

Usually my fiance would go to a Mens Warehouse type store to rent a tux but they never fit right and look awful.   Any places you all know of that have samples in house to try on or at least have a more tailored fit?


Re: Tux Rental Shops - with samples to try on

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    Try Bethesda Custom Tailors; they've just moved to 7950 Norfolk Avenue, focusing solely on rentals.  They are under new ownership.  The owner sold the rentals and tailoring and will no longer do sales, but they can sell and order items I am told.  We just had our wedding party come in. They tried on the jackets only though, but my FI did try on the entire ensemble, including tie and vest.  They don't alter the vest, unless you buy it.  While we were there, a wedding party was doing their final fitting and were in all sizes, but they all looked good.
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    Has he thought about buying one and getting it cutom fit?  If you go to a place like Macys they have lots of styles and they aren't much more expensive than renting (especially if you can get them on a sale)
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    I hate to suggest them because they have such a poor reputation, but maybe you should check out Hannelore's.  They have a big selection of tuxes and you can rent or buy.  The FI and I are going to check them out within the next couple of weeks.  If you're not in a big rush to get tuxes I can report back on how it went. 
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    FI does own a tux but didn't want to make the guys purchase one and they did all want to match. 

    OFF - please let me know how Hannelores works out for you!
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