Getting married 6/26 or 6/27?

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Hello ladies,

I will be getting married on 6/25/10 (Fri)! 

I am currently working with Barbara from Growing Wild for all my flower needs and am looking for someone who is getting married on 6/26/10 or 6/27/2010 to share flowers with.  I will be spending just over $2,000 on flowers and am willing to part with the 10 centerpieces (5 low ones priced at $65/ea + 5 tall ones priced at $125/ea) and 2 altar arrangements (priced at $95/ea) for $500.  Basically, I am looking for a bride who is 1) getting married after me over the same weekend; and 2) interested in buying the centerpieces and altar arrangements from me.  I have checked with Growing Wild to confirm that the the flowers will still look good for a Saturday/Sunday wedding over the same weekend.  I have not yet finalized the exact look of these centerpieces or altar arrangements, but expect purple to be incorporated somehow as that is my wedding color.  This will be a good arrangement for anyone who is budget conscious like myself but still want beautiful flowers (Growing Wild gets rave reviews both here and on weddingwire.com!).  If anyone is interested and would like to chat further, please send me a message.  I'd be happy to forward the proposal that I've received from Growing Wild. 

Thanks in advance!  Happy planning :) 
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