50" + Ostrich Feather Centerpieces!!

Hi Knotties! Im fairly new to the knot and am a new bride to be!!! 
I am having huge red, black and white cnterpieces for the reception. I have spent $217 for each centerpiece. I know, crazy. Naturally I would like to try and make some of my money back. If any brides in the mid - atlantic area would like to rent these centerpieces from me , please let me know.
The ostrich feathers are all grade A male winged plumes and are 22-24" long. They are plumes only. NO DRABS Plumes are better quality, longer hairs and have that natural drop to them, drabs just stick straight out and have alot of bald spots
The eiffel tower vases are frosted white and are 32" long. They are so pretty!And the fact that they are so big, it makes them really stand out and set the tone for your reception. Its also high enough that it will not block any vew of your guests.
I am renting these centerpieces for only $62 obo each. This also includes set up and break down after your event. Each centerpieces has 30 plumes, is centered on a 12" round mirror and can include LED lights, rose petals and/or diamond confetti sprinked on the table. 
I can make either all red, all black, all white, or a combination. I might be inclined to purchase other colors, so let me know what youre interested in.
Feel free to email me your location and wedding date if youre interested. Thanks!
[email protected]

and YES I made this one, so as you can see, I know what Im doing :)

Re: 50" + Ostrich Feather Centerpieces!!

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