Wedding Rings - HELP!!!

My fiance' and I need to go shopping for wedding bands and I was hoping you all might have some suggestions for good quality, but not super expensive jewelers in the NOVA/DC area?

Re: Wedding Rings - HELP!!!

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    We got my engagement ring from Mervis but wanted something a little less expensive for the bands, especially since we wanted plain bands.  We went to Kay Jewelers and got plain white gold bands.  Mine is 2mm and his is 5mm.  WE opted for the 10K white gold, although there is less gold in it, its a stronger metal and wont get dinged up as fast.  My band was $49 and his was $180.  Not bad!

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    We used ascot diamonds in Arlington...they seem to have a big selection...
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    We used blue nile, but I had the rings appraised by Ascot diamond in Arlington and they were amazing.  They also mentioned that Blue Nile is their biggest competitor and they often have to meet blue nile's prices.  I would look online and get an idea of what you want and how much it would cost and then got to Ascot and work with them.  They really were amazing!
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    Check out Quest Jewelers in Merrified- they are great and have great prices too!!  We got both my ering and two bands as well as DH's band there. 
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