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Does anybody have any experience with wedding dress rental? I found only Weddingstory website w/ store in Annadale that seems to offer that service. I juts would like to compare my buy vs. rent options since I don't plan on keeping the dress after the wedding anyway.

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Re: Wedding Dress Rental

  • I have no experience with that specific store.  The one thing I have heard about wedding dress rentals generally is that they may not save you that much (if at all), because wedding dresses typically are so closely fitted that they have to be altered for each bride, and thus may not last for more than a few weddings anyway.  But you could try comparing the rental prices with the cost of buying from a good consignment store, like La Bella Bridal in Occoquan or I Do I Do in Gaithersburg.
  • I will def check those out. Thank you for a great advice!
  • Buying a dress only means that you can keep it or recycle it into another garment that you can wear again, like a party dress.

    Renting a dress, well I think someone else wore it and was it cleaned, not very sanitary if you ask me.

    Buying consignment is the same as renting, someone else wore it and it probably was damaged and needs some work.  If you are trying to save money, why not shop at stores that carry gowns in your price range or buy a sample gown (which is normally not worn and new0 from a shop.

    Hope this analysis helps you out some!
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