Exchanging vows at one of the monuments

Has anyone gotten married at the Lincoln Memorial?  My fiance loves Abraham Lincoln and I thought it'd be great for us to exchange vows there in May.
Any advice?

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Re: Exchanging vows at one of the monuments

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    Sounds like a good idea in theory, but may not work in reality. It would be crawling with tourists and  I'm pretty sure you can't "rent" the monument for a half hour to clear away spectators. I suppose you could call the national park service and ask, though. In the end I think it may end up being awkward and impersonal with a bunch of people around. 

    Maybe you could take some e-pics and/or a TTD session there, instead. A co-worker had her e-pics done at a bunch of the monuments and they turned out beautifully. I wouldn't do the day-of pics there because you will probably be too rushed for time, and not have the time or patience to chase away spectators to get out of the shot. 
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    Thank you for the comments.  I was going to try and set aside maybe 3 hours to try and do a quickie vow exchange and the rest of the time try and get some pictures in amidst all the tourists.  I'm hoping some of my guy friends will be kind enough to handle crowd control for us.  So, we'll keep the liquor in the limo.  I'll be sure to check with parks & rec regarding the $50 fee.

    Thanks again!
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    Unfortunately, you can't do wedding ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial, although you can do engagement pictures there.  You'll need to file a filming permit, which is $50.  Here's the link to the National Mall website:  http://www.nps.gov/mall/index.htm

    There should also be a contact number to ask additional questions about wedding ceremonies, etc.
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    Thank you for telling me about the filming permit.  I called Nat'l Park Svcs today and found out that important piece of information of not being able to have a ceremony there.  We're still thinking a local officiant will have a better idea as to how easy it would be to have a quick ceremony.  I don't think there'll be more than 7 of us........
    Fingers crossed!
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    Most people are pleasant and understanding...they eill stand back and take pictures of you,etc...they might even serenade you..
    get the film permit..do a quick ceremony..the guards probably wouldn't 'catch' by then..and run!!..everyone will cheer you on..

    I've seen bridal pictures, ceremonies all over the world at mnuments,etc..You own them..thnk that way.

    If you need alterations, call us--9202-723-9007..Toast and strawberries..we've been doing walterations for over 20 years.

     Good luck.
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