SUIT rental (not tuxedo)

Hi all-

I want to rent tuxes for all the men in the party (as opposed to the more formal tuxedo).  Buying is not an option. 

Anyone have any ideas of where I can get them?


Re: SUIT rental (not tuxedo)

  • Try a search on the Jim's Formal Wear website (http://www.jimsformalwear.com/). They basically are the supplier for most of the formal wear stores in the country, and you can search by zip code to find a store near you. They have a few different suit options, depending on the color you want. 

    To be honest, I actually found that buying a suit from Jos. A Bank during one of their 70% off sales was the same or cheaper than renting, FWIW.
  • I know you said buying wasn't an option, but you may want to look at Jos. A. Bank (as mentioned above). I was looking for suits as well, and have been totally unable to find rented suits- the problem is that suits are meant to be tailored to the individual, unlike tuxes which often come with features to expand or tighten manually as necessary.

    Right now at Jos. A. Bank it's buy one suit, get one free. For us, that came out to be just slightly more expensive than renting a tux at Men's Wearhouse, and the guys get to keep it when they're done.

    Good luck!
  • My fianc just bought a suit at Men's Warehouse on Connecticut Ave. We had a terrible experience there. He was given the wrong size shirt. He went to pick up one suit and they said the pants weren't ready because they were put back on the rack by accident. I picked up the suit a few days later and brought it home. He took it out of the garment bag and the pants weren't there! They forgot to sew suspender buttons on pants of another suit as well. I'm glad I work nearby at least.
  • I've heard Jos. A. Bank is a great place to go. My friend went during their buy one get 2 free event and all his groomsmen were able to buy suits for less than renting. So watch out for their sales!
  • I was wondering if you found any options. I'm in the same situtation (and also in DC). Mens Wearhouse in Farragut Square were pretty rude to us today, and don't rent suits, even though their website sortof says they do.

    I'm in a tough situation since my fiance will be in a suit, the other guys can't really rent tuxes. We don't want to make them all buy suits, so renting would be great. I think the deal is that there are some pretty cheap suits to be found out there, and that renting doesn't make sense for lots of people. 

    Target sells suits for around $90, which I think will be about the price of any suit rentals. Don't get me wrong, it's a cheap-ass suit, but they can be ordered online. Just hope they don't wrinkle too badly for your photos.

    We're asking the groomsmen to take photos of any suits they have, see if they're roughtly coordinating, asking them to buy the Target suit if they'd like to, and going to get matching ties. We're a pretty casual bunch anyhow, so I don't mind if they're not exactly the same.
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