Venue vs. venue: which would you pick?

So I'm having a hard time narrowing down the venue space. I am between the Ronald Reagan Building and the Museum of Women in the Arts. Both are beautiful!

If I go with the Museum + bring in my own caterer, I would be able to splurge a little more on the overall wedding (put more money in photography, get a dessert bar, etc)

The RRB is my DREAM place to get married and it's a more comprehensive package, but it's going to be about 8-10k more expensive than the Museum so we would have to adhere to our budget.

Which would you choose and why? I have about 2 weeks to make the decision!

Re: Venue vs. venue: which would you pick?

  • I'd go for the package. That is what I did. I'm happy with my choice to stick with the more expensive, all inclusive venue that was always my top choice. Adhering to a budget is best anyways.
  • I'd say the fact that you said RR was your DREAM venue answers the question! It sounds like it is in your budget, vs. 8-10 over your budget. Things like dessert bars are a nice extra, but not what you'll remember in 20 years. Do without those and go with your gut.
  • I would choose the Museum of Women in the Arts for many reasons, the top two being (1) the building has much more historical significance than RR;  and (2) it is a more intimate venue.

    Honestly, though, it's your wedding.  Venue choice should be yours and your fiance's.
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    Both are fabulous venues.  I've been to events in both.  My second choice for a venue was the  RRB.  I loved the spot and its location to hotels and things to do for OOT guests.  Honestly you can't go wrong with either.  However if RR is your dream spot then go with it. 

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  • I say go for RRB, like you said, it's you DREAM, and will end up giving you less stuff to worry about.
  • Women in the Arts. The space is beyond beautiful and it would be better to put the extra money in the other areas if the budget. Both are beautiful places, but that is what I would do.
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