DC Bachelorette ideas?

Hi DC ladies,
I'm currently helping to plan a bachelorette for one of my closest friends in the DC area. We are all spread out all over the east coast (Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston, etc.) and the bride is in southern VA, so DC was a middle ground for all of us. We have all spent time in DC and are familiar with the area, but are a little lost on specific places to go for the bachelorette. Any suggestions you can offer?

We are I guess what you would call "party girls", within reason of course. We're all in our late 20s, but still love to dance and have a great time so we're looking for the bar scene as opposed to alternative bach ideas. So far with the research I've done it looks like the Dupont/K street area has the most clubs, but anyone have anything different to suggest?

Thanks for your help!

Re: DC Bachelorette ideas?

  • Dupont/K Street is a good area.  I usually like the crowd at Cafe Citron and Public. Cafe Citron plays latin music.  It usually gets pretty crowded.  I prefer upstairs or the main level, not the basement.  Public has multiple levels, not all are clubby with dancing. So you can take a break and sit back with a drink. 

    You might also want to check out H St NE.  There are plenty of bars and restaurants. You'll definitely have to take a cab though since there's no metro but luckily cabs are easy to get there.  I'd suggest Little Miss Whiskey's.  It's small but cool w/ dancing upstairs.  And the Rock and Roll hotel.  The first floor is a live music venue, the middle floor has a huge dance area and little lounges and the top floor is an outdoor patio bar with an area to play cornhole.  Oh, and H St Country Club...you can start off the night at their indoor mini golf course and then head elsewhere. 
  • Consider KegBus or Boomerang -- they will take you around the city and can work out free cover or drink specials for your group with their connections.
  • Thank you so much for all of the ideas!
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